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RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-09-24

@fantasticn : Is this the kind of widget view you were talking about ?


RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - fantasticn - 2015-09-24

Oh yeah, that is exactly what I qas talking about !!! Perfect!

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-09-24

Fine, I got it to work as any other section but I can't confirm right now it will happen for some reasons. My code actually is a mess and I have now to handle a large amount of problems like the sidebar switching position, other windows view 1 dependencies, sidebar visibility when 3x3 layout and so on. If I get stuck at any moment, I will have to revert back. Moreover, this is also only possible thanks to an unofficial version of SkinShortcuts (thanks Bob for your time on this), PR is opened. This should take me at least a week to achieve something reliable.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - fantasticn - 2015-09-24

Oh, I am very sorry to hear this. I now feel kind of responsible for that because of my suggestions. Hope you can fix it. Just take your time.



RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Saner - 2015-10-07

Any new updates? I keep checking github but it's been a while :p and I like to play

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-10-07

(2015-10-07, 15:29)Saner Wrote: Any new updates? I keep checking github but it's been a while :p and I like to play

It's in progress. It's now 2 weeks I work on this and Home customisation made me crazy but it works. I'm not yet done with everything because it introduced an awesome amount of changes and new bugs in the process I have to solve 1 by 1. I would say no news is good news because I didn't give up Wink

I can say that I got Home working like any other viewtype to keep the procedure to stick as much as possible to how it worked before. It's much more than my expectations (for example, you can rename the widget view, add a new one or just delete one). I would like to thank BobCratchett and marcelveldt for the scripts mods (this should not have been possible without them).

Give me some more time to fix some more things (I know this is longer than announced but also harder to include in a convenient way).
I'll come back ASAP with a new build and video walthrough.


RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Kokonutcreme - 2015-10-08

Thanks for the update, this is different to any other skin and is still in beta so I'm not surprised how much work is involved with coding changes.

Still enjoying playing round with viewtypes

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Saner - 2015-10-08

No worries in the time frame,I was just curious as to what was going on Wink

Thanks for the update

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - fantasticn - 2015-10-08

Sounds great. I was also about to ask for the status but did not want to be too "pushy". I am very much excited to see with what you will come up. Thanks for all your hard work that you are willing to share with us.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-10-08

Thanks for your understanding.

While you're patiently waiting, here's some possible views made in home (you can of course make one for each main menu item Wink



KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - TRiX - 2015-10-09

Looking awesome!

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-10-09

(2015-10-09, 18:10)TRiX Wrote: Looking awesome!
Thanx Smile

Just FYI, I didn't manage to have a descent way (I mean without writing thousands of code lines) to handle an automatic switching of lists (main / sub). Depending on the positions, up goes down, right goes up, ... . I decided then to let the user to set the list scroll orientation and action for submenu access / showing (onleft,onup, ...). This introduces a new bloc (5) and new settings. That also mean you will be able to set weird navigation if you make it wrong but let you have a more "personal" navigation if you do it right. This will let you access the Home submenu or option menu in library viewtypes aswell (which will then no more stick to bloc2). Hope you will be fine with this.

Designer is taking more a turn to a click to code than only a viewtype builder (and not really what I wanted) but I have not many choices to keep things working in a common way. That increases the need to have soon a skin layout autobuilder for who doesn't want to bother with that.

I need more time to finish this because it now spreads also in library viewtypes.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - bsoriano - 2015-10-09

Take you time Jayz2K, this is looking great!

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - fantasticn - 2015-10-09

Looking great and sounding very interesting. Can't wait for release - but will have to :-)

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - MartijnGP - 2015-10-14

This looks very promising Smile I've been browsing the features and this looks to me like it'd be great to combine it with my home domotics system.

Also, a programmer myself, I can't even begin to think how hard it'd be to write a skinning engine inside a skinning engine. Good luck on smashing bugs, lots of respect for what you've already accomplished Smile

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