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RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - blutstein - 2015-11-26

Eminence 2 or artic zephyr

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-11-27

Version 0.5.2 available

- Added script.extendedinfo integration
- Added option to install studios logos ressource addon

This is actually for testing purpose. Extended infos is not an easy one to code since the readme is not up to date but seems to work.
You will notice some issues with the script's dialogs when PANEL is set as "PUSH" (not always responding and acting as "OVER"). It's something I didn't find a way to solve (dialogs don't act as others with this script).

For studios logos to show in the script, please install it from skin settings > enhancement.

NOTE : the script doesn't support viewtypes so it will always be the view1 from "Programs" section. In order to change the apearance of the script when navigating from the Home > Programs , mod the Programs > View1 in the Designer.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - minus0 - 2015-11-28

Thanks for the update Jayz2k.

3 issues I have found.

1. Can't pull cast up on TV shows

2. In the color picker the text is over laying on top of each other. It was fine in previous version

3. I have a widget for "upcoming movies". When selecting a trailer to watch is fine, but at end of trailer the home screen comes back with a grey row with nothing on it. I have to restart Kodiak to get it back to normal.

Running Jarvis beta2 on Android

If you need more information please let me know. Thanks

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-11-28

Thanks for reporting. Not Home ATM, but can you activate debug in skin settings > general and let me know what's written in yellow in the top left corner when producing the 2 last issues ?

For the first one, is there accented chars in your shows ? I'm using skin.helper getcast in the new release and I have also issues with this. I already warned Marcel about that.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - minus0 - 2015-11-28


The problem with the color editor seems to be gone. Damnest thing, tried last night everything and had problem. Start up now and gone. Go figure.

On number 3 problem after full-screen trailer it hangs on DialogBusy.xml2. Nothing on home screen will work except icons on navigation icons on bottom.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-11-28

Thanks, will check dialog stacking management. What you see is the dialog background staying open over the others.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - minus0 - 2015-11-28

Thanks Jayz2k

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-11-28

(2015-11-28, 21:54)minus0 Wrote: Thanks Jayz2k

NP Wink

Fix attempt is on git. From quick tests on my side, seems to be fine ...

Regarding the cast not showing, I already posted it earlier today (I had the same issue) :


If it can't be solved, I will try to change the way it's coded but need some more work.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - minus0 - 2015-11-28

OK will try latest on git. Will follow up. Again thanks for your time.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - minus0 - 2015-11-28


Ran your fix on several trailers, and all appear working well. I backed out to home on each try and each attempt worked well. Thanks for the quick patch.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-11-28

Erm, found one more ... Fix #2 on git.
Found that navigating through an actor from video infos, keeps the DialogVideoInfo.xml in stack while it's not showing.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - minus0 - 2015-11-28

OK Thanks

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-11-29

One more Update. Changing the way cast is called seems to fix 'partially' the display fail. I mean partially because it seems that the script doesn't handle the cast at episode level. Sounds like I will have to rewrite it to get this to work everywhere.

Quick preview :

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - minus0 - 2015-11-29

Again, thanks for all the work you do. Much appreciated!

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - minus0 - 2015-11-29


Hopefully TV show episodes for showing cast will get worked out.

2 other things I noticed.

1 when loading color palette in the color editor it takes a long time to display all colors. This came noticeable in latest git release. Was very fast before.

2 I have noticed that when you select an item in any add on , and then either stop what is playing or even finish, that the high lighted item will be on some other item instead of returning to what was selected. This even happens when I select TV episodes, always returning to another episode instead of the high lighted one.

3 I can't seem to change icons in submenus. It will show in the skin settings editor, but when you go back to home screen, always shows "shortcut" icon.

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