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RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-11-29

For the first point, I didn't change anything in the Color editor. Also please note that the Color picker, if this is what you're talking about, is not part of KOver but a tool from skin helper script I call. I have no control on loading time of it.

For point 2 it's something I'm aware about but have actually no better way to correct it. This bug appears when you have unchecked "show parent folder item" in KODI settings. Then it will return you to the previous item you selected (upper or previous depending the list orientation you set). As I already explained, KOver makes KODI loose the item memory because it builds views on the fly. And because there's a function missing in KODI, I can't set a proper memory.

Will check for the submenu icons.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - minus0 - 2015-11-29

On problem 1 I am going to drop back to previous skin helper script. Will wait for another update hope it helps.

On 2. OK understand.

On 3, thanks for looking into it.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-11-29

(2015-11-29, 20:29)minus0 Wrote: On problem 1 I am going to drop back to previous skin helper script. Will wait for another update hope it helps.

On 2. OK understand.

On 3, thanks for looking into it.
For problem 1 I know Marcel pushed a new release this WE on official repo (not sure it's already available). Maybe it's the cause. This release introduces a possibility for the user to choose for its own palette. Maybe check his thread and browse posts for palettes links and try a "lighter" one to check if this makes it faster ?

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - minus0 - 2015-11-29

I will follow his thread.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - fantasticn - 2015-11-30

Hi Jayz2k.

sorry for not comming back to you earlier. But I was on vacation and had a surgery afterwards. However, I was able to try out your revised skin at the weekend and it is absolutely amazing. I very much like the clean design, the conservative colors (in all color sets your provide) and the clear fonts. And of course I like the view designer and the possibilities it gives.

However, I also have been running into a lot of problems. Maybe you will be telling me that some of them are related to skin-helper, skin-shortcuts or other addons and not dierectly to your skin. But I have not been able to sort them out. Also I do not have these issues when using other skins (like Arctic Zephyr or Eunique) which also rely on those addons. And I have tried your skin on two different machines (Windows 10 with Kodi Jarvis Beta 3 and OpenElec latest Nightly from Milhouse incl. Jarvis Beta 3) causing the same problems there:

1. The autobuilder for the „fullscreen“-views keeps running endlessly (at least when applying it fort the first time). I have been waiting for 15 minutes on both machines and Kodi did not come back. So reset was the only solution. Afterwards I successfully applied other autobuilding settings. That happend on both my machines.

2. I tried to copy the „settings.xml“-file in „userdata/KOver“ from my windows machine to the openelec pc for having the same setup of tthe skin on both of them. But it did not work. After reboot the skin showed the same layout, but just for about one second, and then it seemd to automatically „refresh“ and reset all settings. So all widgets, icons etc. were cleared out. I then tried the export function of your skin on the windows machine and imported the settings into the openelec pc. That worked fine. But the import included thousends of files, much more than the single „settings.xml“-file that is located in the userdata/KOver-Folder. So do you store other settings files somewhere else?

3. After the import of the settings I have only been able to apply one color set on my openelec pc: the default flat style that was activated on the windows machine I exported the settings from. Trying to select the other color sets does not work there. I can select them but colors do not change. So on my openelec pc I am currently stuck with the default flat style.

4. I have serious problems with the widgets. The only viewtype of the main menu that seems to show widgets at all is the „Libraries“-view. With „Live TV“-view I get a preview in bloc 4 only in LiveTV-Section. In all other sections it is empty. Same applies for the „Home Layout“-view (no widgets, just empty bloc 4 for the headline of the widget). Also certain widgets do not seem to show anything at all, like „engadet“ or „mobile techreview“ even in Libraries-view. Even the „recent albums“-view just shows icons, but no covers. I may have to mention again that the widgets are working perfectly fine in other skins like Artcic Zephyr or Eunique.

5. When selecting no widget the „Libraries“-view does not seem to make sense at all. I then have a big gray border showing nothing but a headline. When selecting other viewtypes instead I would have to choose a bloc 4 picture as well. Otherwise the bloc would stay empty. Maybe you can think of a better handling of the viewtypes when no widgets are selected.

6. When selecting no viewtype at all I do not get access to the submenu entries anymore. Also the background is a solid green then not showing the selected background picture or any video preview (if running). It would be nice if selecting no viewtype would still show the select backgrounds (or the video, if running) and give you access to the submenu entries when pushing the button up.

6. Bloc 4 in main menu can show a single picture. But it does not show anything when I select a folder with several pictures though this is offered as an option.

7. Since a lot of views rely on the menu bar being on top of the screen it would be nice if you could implement an option to have it on top in the main menu as well. Also the "only icon"-menu is very tricky since it is rather tiny and makes it hard to recognize the resepctive entries. An idea would be to have the titles of the entries revolving in the menu bar instead (not showing all of them at the same time, but only the selected one) or at least to show it next to the icons. Also there currently is just not enough icons to even assign all submenu entries. Do you have any source for additional sets?

8. I know that it might still be to early to make feature requests and I do not want to be „pushy“ in any way. But since we are already talking about improvements I will state them right away so you maybe can think about it during your future work:

- Logos: For me a „must have“ and supported by most of the other skins. I have logos for all my movies scraped and stored together with the infos, covers, fanarts etc. So not showing them would be a waste. Including logos for music artists may be a little bit tricky, since – as I learned – they are not stored in the music library (whereas movie logos are stored in the movie liberary). So the logos für music artists have to be taken straight out of the folder of the repective artist instead. To not interfer with your clear design it could be an idea to just show logos on the info screen and the info preview, but not in the lists and cover views.

- Cleararts: Not a „must have“, but a „should have“, since most of the people might scrape them as well. It is always nice to see these little gadgets when pressing pause or info while playing a movie. That is what makes Kodi so

- CDarts: Just a "nice to have". I can imagine them looking fancy in some movie info views (especially when animated with a spinning disc) or – for music – when running the artist slideshow in the background.

- I think it was requested before so I more or less join this request: I have my Kodi machines showing the info screen first when selecting a movie. Therefore it would be nice if the focus was automatically set to „play“ when entering the info screen. This way you would just have to press „ok“ another time to start the movie. Especially since the letters are not very big it currently is a little bit tricky to navigate to the play-button first. This change would definitly increase the „WAF“ at my home :-)

- The selected item in a view or widget is not easy to determine. It is only marked by the color of its title plate. In certain colorsets (like „default flat style“) you can hardly recognize it. Since a colored frame surrounding the cover would be inconsistent with the frameless design of the skin you may think about having the cover „pop up“ slightly or something like that.

That is my „input“ for now. Please keep up your hard work on this amazing skin. That will definitly be one of the most advanced skins that have ever been made for Kodi. I almost cannot wait until being able to use it as the default skin on all my five Kodi machines at my home. Thank you very much for putting your time into this and sharing the result with us here in the forum!!!

Best regards,


Edit: Another impport thing to be included would be "now playing"-information on the main screen. Currently there is now indication that you are playing anything at all in the background.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-11-30

@fantasticn :

Thanks fantasticn,

Here's some explainations / replies :

1. Will check the fullscreen autobuild. As far as I tested it, worked fine for me.
2. Copying the settings manually is much more a tricky process and doesn't handle some "init" settings KOver needs. That can explain KOver wants to "initialize" and overides your copied file. Backup is done for that and that's true, between the strings and home shortcuts, there's thousand parameters. At import, it also add "empty" values to reset the uneselected ones. I think (didn't make calculation) that there should be about 4k-5k settings in KOver (not joking).
3. Does it shows the Busy dialog ?
4-5. I think you got wrong on how the Home viewtypes works, please check :

http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=207581&pid=2156763#pid2156763 and
http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=207581&pid=2147217#pid2147217 (video)

To summurize, It's up to you to build the viewtype you want it looks like ... your request ? Wink

6. Will check the bloc 4 multiimage.
7. I don't get the first part of your request. However, Text menubar is an option I have in mind but ... later Wink
8. All extra arts are not something planned for now. I maybe will consider them as an upgrade when KOver will be stable and at least 1.0.0 (there's still too much to do ATM).
For the selected item, it's purely a user's setting choice, this can be easily changed with the Color Editor Wink

Now playing and Info Dialog play focus has already been requested and I'm working on it.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - fantasticn - 2015-11-30

Hi Jayz2k

thanks for you quick reply.

reg. 3: No, it doesn'tt. Nothing happens when triggering a color preset. Maybe the presets have been "erased" by the import of the settings?
reg. 4-5: Ah, sorry. I have not been playing around with the KOver designer option at the weekend and totally forgot that the home menu is one of the "views" you can design yourself. I will try it out tomorrow and see what I can create with it :-) However, some of my widgets are definitly not working correctly at the moment.
reg. 7: Yeah, the adjustment of the menu bar can be done with the KOver designer as well, I recall. I had forgotten about that. Sorry. So the first part pof my request is obsolte then.
reg. 8: Of course you may take your time. I just wanted to find out if you are planning on implementing logos (cleararts and CDarts) at a certain point or not. Because I have been getting used to these features for quiet a while and would not like to miss it for good when switching all my Kodi pc to your skin now ;-)
I will play around with the color for the selected item and see if there is ways to have it more prominent.

One again thank your for your answers and especially for this wonderful skin!

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-11-30

@fantasticn :

Please not that all widgets content doesn't follow the same rules. Ex of engadget ot addons, don't necessary have fanart but thumbs, and Bloc3 displays fanart only (ATM, I'm working on the user to be able to set which art he wants). So right now, it's a normal behavior having a fallback image for engadget. However, if you build a viewtype and if you set a list visible for this widget and chose "LISTWIDE", for example, thumbs should display in place of icons. It's a pain to work with contents which don't display the same way since KOver is built around "rules".

EDIT : For color sets, please ensure you have 4 zip files in the skin folder //extras/ColorSchemes/

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Improw - 2015-11-30

Is good for raspberry b+ ?

Great job !

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-11-30

Thanks, on my side I can't tell. I'm not RPI user at all and KOver is not a lightweight skin ... But hopefully, I think you can get an answer from some users here Wink

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-12-01

Version 0.5.3 available

- Added Scroll flags option in deisgner (allow showing scroll direction in Blocs 1, 3 or 5 ... 5 is Home only)
- Added possibility to choose bloc3 art type (Now possible to choose for Fanart, Poster, Thumb)
- Added more customizable colors (Allow to change colors for Home Bloc4 Header and settings Windows)
- Added launch movie at Info double click (Now clicking on any item of the main menu, it launches the video)
- Bug fixes


RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Saner - 2015-12-01

It works fine on the Pi2 can see it being a little slow on the b+

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - minus0 - 2015-12-01


Nice Additions.

Scroll flags - Excellent! Ability to change art work type in bloc3 also great add.

Thanks for the improvements.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Jayz2K - 2015-12-01

(2015-12-01, 20:54)minus0 Wrote: @Jayz2K

Nice Additions.

Scroll flags - Excellent! Ability to change art work type in bloc3 also great add.

Thanks for the improvements.

Please just note that choosing an Art type can (depending of the content) be unavailable (mostly addons or widgets). I kept a DEFAULT value, for it to work as before so KOver as some presets to try to find one. Also, with it, there's no need to rebuild viewtypes if users were fine with the previous settings Wink

EDIT : Just noticed there's a wrong localized label for Bloc3 art. You will see "List type" instead of "Art type". Will fix that. But you can already use it, no issue.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - minus0 - 2015-12-01

Noticed the boc3 slip up. Figured that what you meant. Using it and works well.

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