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RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - mccaffertee - 2016-11-19

I need to find somebody who can customize/modify a skin, preferably the new v17 Krypton. I want to add some shortcuts and change the menu items.
Please email me at McCaffertee gmail.

RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - Wolfman - 2017-01-21


On my OSMC system,I have an issue with the kOver skin where some of the icons for addons have a doubled/ghosting image.I think this might have something to do with the Alpha transparancy of the icons or something?

Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this issue?I would really like to sort this out as kOver for me is the perfect skin,but this issue just makes some of the icons look really bad.


RE: KOver : Customizable [Kodi 16] - chamkill - 2018-05-30

does kover could be install on kodi 16 android TV version ?

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