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RE: script.toolbox - phil65 - 2015-05-21

second one.

RE: script.toolbox - Hitcher - 2015-05-21

Many thanks. This is going to save me a hell of a lot of time coding my customisable home widgets.

RE: script.toolbox - phil65 - 2015-05-21

You´re welcome. If you have any other wishes / ideas let me know, my job here is to try to make life for skinners a bit easier Smile

RE: script.toolbox - Hitcher - 2015-05-21

The only other thing I can think of is this request from sualfred so users can set any custom node/path instead of just playlists.

(2015-03-16, 11:50)sualfred Wrote: Phil65:

For some use cases, it could be useful to have an script to select an node of an treeview for dynamic lists to set the <content>...</content> value.

The skinshortcuts script does it perfectly for adding a new menu item with its dialog to select an category, an addon, and an subdir of the addon for example.
A lite version of this with just fetching the correct path of a node and storing them somewhere (skin setting value, property) would be awesome and we could offer dynamic customs widgets with nearly no limitations.

Maybe... u want to include something like that to your toolbox. It would fit perfectly there.
(2015-03-16, 12:29)sualfred Wrote: Example use case:

## Dynamic custom widget container
PHP Code:
<control type="list" id="50">
itemlayout width="250" height="29">
focusedlayout height="29" width="250">
content>%TOOLBOX CONTENT SOURCE%</content>

The user wants to fill the content of the widget with an subdir of an addon.
Example -> Advanced Launcher -> Category "Emulators" (plugin://plugin.program.advanced.launcher/?0df67ef8b67741f86ad5962f58f5bdc5)

A common user doesn't know the correct path and this is where toolbox kicks in and opens an dialog to select the path he wants to have as content for the widget list.

In skinshortcuts the dialog looks like this:


Example skin implementation:
SkinSettings -> <onclick>RunScript(script.toolbox,type=nodeselector&amp;skinstring=CustomDynamicList1)</onclick>
Content List -> <content>$INFO[Skin.String(CustomDynamicList1)]</content>

RE: script.toolbox - phil65 - 2015-05-21

ok. Could you put that on the github issues list so I dont have to keep track of forum posts?

RE: script.toolbox - Hitcher - 2015-05-21

Sure, thanks again.

RE: script.toolbox - sualfred - 2015-05-21

FYI and if you didn't noticed it yet, script.favourites supports this by extracting the path of a favourite. U could use this in the meantime. Works well.

RE: script.toolbox - Hitcher - 2015-05-21

Thanks, I did try using the skin shortcuts script to just select the shortcut but that of course adds the ActivateWindow tags which I don't want for content.

EDIT: Works perfectly for what I need right now.

RE: script.toolbox - phil65 - 2015-05-22

btw did you guys try "Skin.SetPath(NAME_OF_STRING,addons://sources/video/)" or something similar?

RE: script.toolbox - marcelveldt - 2015-05-22

@phil65, if you need any help; For some of the requests here I already did some coding in my skin's helper script, so I can share this with you for the toolbox script in order to other skinners can benefit from it if you want.

Looking at the request to provide the content's path to set a widget. This might be something to be added to the skinshortcuts scripts ?
Most of the code is already in there, I think it's an easy change and can add it in if you want. That way you can provide both your own defined widgets from skinshortcuts or let the user choose from a library path/location.

RE: script.toolbox - phil65 - 2015-05-22

PR´s are always welcome ofc. Wink

As I said, I think "Skin.SetPath()" could to the trick already.

RE: script.toolbox - wyrm - 2015-05-22


The designer of a side project that I am working on has asked if I can provide a circular progress type indicator to show items like "number of watched movies out of total movies in library". While providing the require info in a circular manner will be a PITA, I think I have that side covered. What I don't have is a way to get a percentage of two $INFO's to feed to my code to make this happen.

How do you feel about the idea of a function that is fed two $INFO's and returns a skin string or window.property with the percentage of one $INFO from the other?

Wyrm (AppTV)

RE: script.toolbox - phil65 - 2015-05-22

would be possible. Something like script.toolbox(info=getpercentage,string=NAME_OF_STRING,total=TOTAL_AMOUNT,part=PART_AMOUNT)?

RE: script.toolbox - Hitcher - 2015-05-22

Percentages would be great for me too. Wink

RE: script.toolbox - wyrm - 2015-05-22

(2015-05-22, 06:58)phil65 Wrote: would be possible. Something like script.toolbox(info=getpercentage,string=NAME_OF_STRING,total=TOTAL_AMOUNT,part=PART_AMOUNT)?


That would be perfect. Look forward to seeing the result.

Thanks mate
Wyrm (AppTV)

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