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RE: Kodi Animation thread - samfisher - 2014-12-06

Thanks everyone for all the precious suggestions, will keep all of them in mind when making the next version Smile

@rygle: very interesting idea, needs to be developed a bit.

@portuga2000: cool stuff Smile

@uNiversal: ok no zoom in next version Smile

@MediaPi: yeah I tried to fit the animation to 4s, but maybe it's too fast for someone.

Let's hear more suggestions!

RE: Kodi Animation thread - jjd-uk - 2014-12-06

(2014-12-06, 16:50)MediaPi Wrote: samfisher your latest work is confusing at the beginning, the explosion is to fast and my mind can't wrap around what happened. look at modern logos (android) they have transitions that make you think but give you a chance to understand the transition. yours is like calculus, really hard to understand and therefore not as memorable. but I love the idea of x>>k and love the rest of the animation. woudn't mind that personally

After the initial wow factor of samfishers I came to a similar conclusion, so I experimented with the start portuga2000's (as CRT hint was cool) to lead into samfishers and slowed down the explosion part slightly and came up with:


Not much longer at about 4.25 sec.

Note this is a very rough as I just spliced them together with no editing, so the transition isn't the smoothest or exactly aligned.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - samfisher - 2014-12-06

@jjd-uk: cool! Now it definitely reminds me of some anime intro or something like that Big Grin

RE: Kodi Animation thread - jjd-uk - 2014-12-06

Here's a version without the full explosion which gets the time back down close to 4 sec


RE: Kodi Animation thread - fastcolors - 2014-12-06

best of both worlds. very nice and clean.

Re: RE: Kodi Animation thread - braz - 2014-12-06

(2014-12-06, 19:51)fastcolors Wrote: best of both worlds. very nice and clean.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - weirdinin - 2014-12-06

-love the crt hint. great idea.

-samfisher's second version is great. Got rid of the bulky feeling of the beginning of the animation that i experienced earlier. BUT now the big explosion is quite irritating as others have said also. It's just too much, too complex. I like better the first version's explosion than this second one.

-jjd-uk, very good. Now it's not irritating at all. clean and simple.

I'd like to see a version that includes crt, folding and the explosion from samfisher's first work.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - Greenbling - 2014-12-06

I think your right on track!

I love it!

I think the finishing touch would be what was mentioned earlier about using the play on media buttons.

In the first 2-3 seconds instead of a blue line across the screen that zooms into the blue square.

What about trying media buttons such as a blue play and pause on the far right side and a stop and forward (or anything else) on the far left side
and they zoom from the outter edge of the screen to the middle just like it is now to become the Kodi blue square.

would someone with these incredible skills be willing to indulge me?
I really think it would give it the finishing touch

maybe replacing the blue line with all media buttons that span the left to right (just like the line) is the first frame.

then all the buttons zoom/squish into the blue square

RE: Kodi Animation thread - MediaPi - 2014-12-06

Love the team spirit, but I feel like your building on limited ideas. would rather see a divergence of great ideas than one convergent idea. where on page 11 and really its been one idea refined by amazing talent, its great but it seems that its at a point of diminishing return, with samfisher amazing concept!!

I would personally like this to be treated as a competiton of creativity between amazing artists. I want that spark I felt with samfisher work. right now its leading but are there any ideas that are original and have their own flare. As most have said we have plenty of time so lets be more open minded, it feels like the winner has been chosen from such a small pool. Just my opinion.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - Greenbling - 2014-12-06

care to share a new idea? mediapi

RE: Kodi Animation thread - NEOhidra - 2014-12-06

(2014-11-28, 15:53)samfisher Wrote: Here's something from me. I liked the rotation of the 1st one so I did something similar for the intro, then made an X appears and transforms to K. Smile


Had to cut out a part of the animation, original one is longer and 1080p.

Its impressive!

(2014-12-06, 14:48)portuga2000 Wrote: And a diferent intro animation just for the hell of it Wink

Thank you all.


More Updates! - portuga2000 - 2014-12-08


Here are a new idea:


And another one to get it out of my head Smile

Thoughts?! Smile

RE: Kodi Animation thread - Ned Scott - 2014-12-08

(2014-12-08, 02:00)portuga2000 Wrote: Thoughts?! Smile


EDIT: To be clear, that's a boner over the animations, and not just a random boner.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - nickr - 2014-12-08

(2014-12-08, 02:51)Ned Scott Wrote:
(2014-12-08, 02:00)portuga2000 Wrote: Thoughts?! Smile

And Kodi has the weirdest Team Wiki Guy!

RE: Kodi Animation thread - natethomas - 2014-12-08

(2014-12-08, 02:00)portuga2000 Wrote: And another one to get it out of my head Smile

Thoughts?! Smile

I like the ones I didn't quote a lot, but I'm specifically pointing this one out because I like the idea of treating each piece of the diamond as moving independently from the rest. Looks really cool.

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