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RE: Kodi Animation thread - leezy88 - 2015-10-11

Hello, I'm pretty new to Kodi and would like to know if someone can help me setup up one of these intro videos step by step from beginning to end on Windows 7. I'm on Kodi 15 using the Titan skin. I know similar questions probably been asked before but its been difficult for a beginner such as myself to follow along with this thread trying to figure this out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - Wanilton - 2015-10-11

Kodi Jarvis have full support for cinemagraph arts if use more recent version nightlie, thanks Ace for this great resource, but donĀ“t have support for animated art for replace splash.png. I think is necessary skin with support read intro video.

Kodi Jarvis, Skin Aeon MQ6.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - zag - 2015-10-12

Very nice demo!

I do think we need to be careful not to overuse the feature though Wink Subtle effects work best in my opinion.

Love those animated backgrounds! Is there a good resource on the internet for these?

RE: Kodi Animation thread - Wanilton - 2015-10-12

@zag, have many places










RE: Kodi Animation thread - CaptainKen - 2015-10-13

Thank you Wanilton for sharing those cool links!

RE: Kodi Animation thread - CaptainKen - 2015-10-13

Here's another source:

RE: Kodi Animation thread - RockerC - 2015-10-13

The feature of animated backdrops have previously dicussed in more detailed in these other threads which contain many links to good sources of animated posters, fanart wallpaper, and more:


Even if suble animations is nice, it will still be awesome in some places when full wallpapers are supported with animated GIF and APNG (animated PNG images). Though memory-wise it will probabably be better if video or SWP/FLV formats are used for full animation backdrops/wallpapers.


Video wallpapers are also discussed here too:


RE: Kodi Animation thread - Romeocrepe - 2015-10-28

(2014-12-11, 15:30)RockerC Wrote:
(2014-12-11, 11:53)samfisher Wrote: Image
I think that this one would look really cool if you have a Philips Ambilight, AmBX, or DIY Ambilight clone.

Note to self: Build that Adalight or Amblone based DIY Ambilight clone soon!

Reminds me a little bit about the very beginning of the intro to Futurama

@samfischer ,very good job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Could you create it in 1080p please ( with and without sound )?
You' ll beautify my tv with my ambivision device
Thanks by advance. Wink

RE: Kodi Animation thread - Rjsachse - 2015-11-08

Update to all. With skin helper addon you can now have animations or videos as splashscreen/skin intro.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - AnthonyJS02 - 2015-11-08

(2015-11-08, 10:10)Rjsachse Wrote: Update to all. With skin helper addon you can now have animations or videos as splashscreen/skin intro.

Is this a normal addon or something that is added on the skinners side

RE: Kodi Animation thread - Rjsachse - 2015-11-09

Skinners side but not that hard to implement as the read me has a good example.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - djhifi - 2015-11-12

(2015-08-08, 02:16)jadvena Wrote: Hi everyone? I'm running isengard 15.0 on an amazon fire tv.. The theme I'm using is black glass nova . I've been trying to add the animated boot screen, they are awesome. I added to the video to the box through kodi and it does boot and looks killer when turning on the kodi. But it's in a continuous loop never stops. If I hit the back button on the fire tv remote like 8 times fast it goes to kodi dash. Any ideas how to stop the looping?

+1, same happens here. Ive tried everything, nothing solved this. Im on aeon mq6 v 4.0.0

RE: Kodi Animation thread - ztarbugz - 2015-11-21

(2015-07-17, 15:39)popcornmix Wrote:
(2015-07-17, 15:37)Phoenix101 Wrote: But how can I make these videos become boot videos for the RASP pi

Milhouse test builds default to showing one of Sam's videos from boot.
It's not hard to add the same changes to a stable OE build (ask in the Milhouse thread).

@popcornmix: I know that Milhouse builds doing this really greta, but I could not find out how to implement this on latest stable OpenELEC release. Anything I missed?

RE: Kodi Animation thread - Milhouse - 2015-11-21

It needs a custom build of OE stable, ie. compile it yourself.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - popcornmix - 2015-11-21

(2015-11-21, 15:53)Milhouse Wrote: It needs a custom build of OE stable, ie. compile it yourself.

The current implementation does. The initial implementation just used autostart.sh.
It's not quite as good (it starts a little later into boot), but is worth trying. See this post for details.

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