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RE: Kodi Animation thread - Karnage11 - 2016-03-16

everytime i try to add a intro there is a delay , and it starts up shows my skin the goes back to intro and then skin again

RE: Kodi Animation thread - pelakos - 2016-03-17

two more, with link download



RE: Kodi Animation thread - Laser78 - 2016-03-17

BRAVO Pelakos!!

Kodi Animation thread - Cinephile - 2016-03-20

Amazing work, Pelakos. Where did you learn to animate like that?

RE: Kodi Animation thread - pelakos - 2016-03-20

THX BlushBlush

I use after effects, pinnacle studio, sony vegas , 3ds max,blender....
first upload my kodi intros projects in http://www.kodimania.com/index.php?topic=6840.0 but after i uploads this projects here.

I share more intros here,(with download link):



RE: Kodi Animation thread - pelakos - 2016-03-20



RE: Kodi Animation thread - pelakos - 2016-03-20



RE: Kodi Animation thread - pelakos - 2016-03-20



RE: Kodi Animation thread - pelakos - 2016-03-20


RE: Kodi Animation thread - stourwalk - 2016-03-21

@samfisher has some competition Smile

Second the question asked above - where did you learn to do that? (as opposed to what do you use!)

RE: Kodi Animation thread - pelakos - 2016-03-21

Where did you learn to do that??--> In my house like a hobby. In the wonderful world of Internet there is infinity of tutos for everything. I only read and learn, try and learn, wrong me and learn. Is a hobby i dont work in professional world of animation 3d. The animation in each intro is different and different effects: Trapcode , optical flares, ...depending on what better mates to every video. I do not have any benefit for doing them. Only the fact of sharing them with the community of something as spectacular as Kodi.
It had some intros done for time, but used otherwise. I did a few to be changing intro in kodi and the result is what you see.
Again, sorry for my bad english Wink

Kodi Animation thread - Cinephile - 2016-03-21

Pelakos, any chance you could upload some of your intros as 30 or 60fps .mp4 files? I have noticed that part of the animation is cut off when using it as a Kodi intro, which might be due to the receiver/display not switching fast enough to a different fps value during start-up (so the intro plays before being visible on screen). I haven't had this issue with previous video entries in this thread.

Otherwise, fantastic work!

RE: Kodi Animation thread - pelakos - 2016-03-21

Yes, I can try it without problem. The only thing that will affect the rendering time of the video. Rendering time with the current format of the videos is from 5 minutes to 5 hours. This depends on the effects used in the video. I guess that next week I will have some and rendering that way Wink

RE: Kodi Animation thread - meowmoo - 2016-03-22

you can use mkvtoolnix, to change the FPS takes about 2 sec :>

Kodi Animation thread - Cinephile - 2016-03-22

Thanks, pelakos! No rush, I understand this takes time. Whenever you're ready.

(2016-03-22, 00:16)meowmoo Wrote: you can use mkvtoolnix, to change the FPS takes about 2 sec :>

I tried re-encoding through Handbrake but no matter what I do it always ends up with 24.XX fps.

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