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RE: Kodi Animation thread - da-anda - 2016-04-18

due to the high bitrate you should be save to re-encode to a moderate bitrate via handbrake.fr

edit: btw - 60fps FullHD is quite demanding due to the frame rate, so it's not necessarily the bitrate but the frame rate that kills lower end HTPCs etc

RE: Kodi Animation thread - the_bo - 2016-04-18

(2016-04-18, 04:45)HomeTheatreGuru Wrote: There is one more thing I'd like to know. Due to the high bitrate most videos will not play properly on certain HTPC hardware. Desktop is fine but many of us use less powerful PCs for Kodi.

Is there any way we can have 60fps .mp4 files at lower bitrates to make it a little more compatible? It is a little extreme right now with some files being twice as demanding as a lossless Blu-ray rip.

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The youtube 60fps versions work fine on my rpi3. Think they are lower bitrate than the main file.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - dukester - 2016-04-21

(2016-04-16, 15:34)pelakos Wrote: Hi!!,

Yes,your receiver probably doesn't support.

No problem doing in AC3 5. 1, I did this morning, here you have:

Download Link test-introkodi90-30fps-5.1-AC3

I hope this one works for you Wink

thank you very much, its not my hardware or anything that was the issue, its Kodi 17, DD+ is broken currently, i didnt notice it had a dd+ track as its labeled DTS.

works great, and should be helpful for anyone running Kodi 17 on an HTPC currently

RE: Kodi Animation thread - AnthonyJS02 - 2016-04-23

what is the easiest way to get a boot up video working? I am running on Kodi 16 and using ace skin. thanks

RE: Kodi Animation thread - the_bo - 2016-04-23

(2016-04-23, 13:30)AnthonyJS02 Wrote: what is the easiest way to get a boot up video working? I am running on Kodi 16 and using ace skin. thanks

Check through the skin settings for the option "activate playlist at skin startup" or something similiar to that.

Browse to path of your boot video file.

Should work. Im using aeon mq 6 skin at this works.

how to use Kodi boot Animation / video - samsonoff - 2016-04-26

i tested one of they animated (video not GIF) boot logo's but i end up with either:

splash plays > menu's load and flash up briefly > boot video plays.
black screen(when splash=false) > menu's load and flash up briefly > boot video plays.

i'm using the skin playlist on startup setting. is everybody else doing it this way and just putting up with the black/splash screen and glimpse of the menu in between splash/boot video?

or is there another way of doing it that i'm missing?

thanks, and sorry if this has been mentioned in the thread already but i can't see it.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - User 270783 - 2016-06-20

These animations are simply superb!

I'm using retropie to autoload kodi and want to use a video and the ones on here are fab but it takes 17 seconds for retropi to boot up - anyone have any videos that long?

RE: Kodi Animation thread - CrustyJugglers - 2016-08-16

Hey everyone! Pretty new to Kodi (last few days) but love it so far, have it on a dedicated media server and wanted a custom boot up logo (windows boot screen) so i gave it a shot at making one lol
Hope this is the right place to upload it
Cheers Smile

Kodi Animation thread - Cinephile - 2016-08-16

Amazing! Well done. Does it come with audio?

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RE: Kodi Animation thread - CrustyJugglers - 2016-08-16

Unfortunately not lol I've made it for a windows logo replacement animation, not a Kodi boot screen (i cant compete with some of the earlier ones, they're far too professional)

RE: Kodi Animation thread - Ned Scott - 2016-08-17

I like the BTTF vibe I'm getting from it :D

RE: Kodi Animation thread - birdroyalty - 2016-09-13

Is it possible to also get a matching image of this (the final shot with the logo, text) to use as my background so that it almost transitions seamlessly? Thanks.

(2014-12-19, 19:40)samfisher Wrote: Thanks!

@MadClown: looks good! And very nice TV Smile

@Verderer @uNiversal: yeah maybe X>K can be done in that animation as well, but I think it probably works better with the origami idea. Will get back to it later, too many ideas!

Something just for fun Smile


1080p version: LINK

RE: Kodi Animation thread - nickr - 2016-09-13


RE: Kodi Animation thread - brokentechie - 2016-09-13


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RE: Kodi Animation thread - birdroyalty - 2016-09-14

I don't currently have access to do that...but thanks...

(2016-09-13, 22:21)nickr Wrote: http://bfy.tw/7gPZ

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