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RE: Kodi Animation thread - popcornmix - 2014-11-30

(2014-11-30, 19:41)Memphiz Wrote: @popcornmix - how did you do that?

It's platform specific I'm afraid. I'm using the standard hello_video demo that ships with the Pi to play a h.264 file.
Converted Sam's video file to a raw H.264 file, and used ~/.config/autostart.sh to launch it.

If you extract hello_video.bin and kodi.h264 to /storage and autostart.sh to ~/.config it will probably work.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - Voyager - 2014-11-30

(2014-11-29, 23:30)Karnagious Wrote:
(2014-11-29, 22:54)natethomas Wrote:
(2014-11-29, 21:39)Voyager Wrote: awesome work - looks like we have a winner ...

Whoa whoa. Calm down. We're in absolutely no rush on this. Users are more than welcome to keep submitting for quite a while longer.

The bar is set pretty high though.

Nice work.

of course... the bar is set high but others are still welcome to challenge!

RE: Kodi Animation thread - Tobby - 2014-12-01

(2014-11-30, 14:12)samfisher Wrote:
(2014-11-30, 11:50)weirdinin Wrote: Some comments about your animation: I find the very first second a bit bulky... the zoom in the beginning, where the square is rotating and getting bigger, is not as professional as the rest of the animation that is pure perfection. Maybe the first second could be excluded and the animation would start with the splashing and rotating x or then just with the splashing x... or then just shorter the square rotation time.

Like how eoghan modified samfisher's version was quite nice. But now when I look it more, I find eoghan's version a bit restless and hasty. Perhaps there should be a short "warm up" before the big splash. Something between samfisher's and eoghan's versions.

Thanks, very good comment. Yeah I agree on the beginning, I didn't know how to start the animation, but now I think I have an idea that I want to try Smile
Perhaps the white light could "explode" without the square and after the light "cooled down" the square would be visible.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - weirdinin - 2014-12-01

Yeah, something like that might work. I hope the idea of x -> buttons -> Kodi wont vanish from this animation, though. It's a nice hidden hint for those who have been here since the beginning. Yet im not sure if that hidden x even was intentional by samfisher but just something that someone here made up.

I just realised why i found the beginning bulky. The factor is those sharp corners of rotating square. At the end if you look at the logo, corners are round shaped. I think the square should has rounded corners all from the beginning. That might help to get rid of bulkiness

RE: Kodi Animation thread - forcedalias - 2014-12-01

(2014-11-30, 11:57)N3MIS15 Wrote: The unfolding of the logo is great. Add the gamecube boot music to that and it would be golden Smile

Personally, I like something like the Ubisoft intro music:


I'm thinking it would be really cool if we can customize our intros. \m/

RE: Kodi Animation thread - da-anda - 2014-12-01

ideally music is composed to the animation - any composer around? Smile Maybe we should ask Jan Morgenstern who did all the Blender movies.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - Piers - 2014-12-02

(2014-12-01, 22:41)da-anda Wrote: ideally music is composed to the animation - any composer around? Smile Maybe we should ask Jan Morgenstern who did all the Blender movies.

Music + an animation is just going to annoy a lot of people, unless there's an option to disable within the settings (or advancedsettings.xml).

Or maybe I'm the only person who gets annoyed loading up a game and having to sit through animations (I know it's possible to remove the video files behind them).

RE: Kodi Animation thread - Karnagious - 2014-12-02

(2014-12-02, 01:17)Piers Wrote: Or maybe I'm the only person who gets annoyed loading up a game and having to sit through animations (I know it's possible to remove the video files behind them).

You aren't the only one.

My consumer vote is for no sound.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - MidnightWatcher - 2014-12-02

(2014-11-28, 15:53)samfisher Wrote: Here's something from me. I liked the rotation of the 1st one so I did something similar for the intro, then made an X appears and transforms to K. Smile


Had to cut out a part of the animation, original one is longer and 1080p.

Great concept. Would like to hear a "woosh" or some other misc sounds for dramatic effect, but if sound isn't an option it would be nice to see this fade to white and then KODI's main menu fade in from white.

Another thing I envisioned was the black background with something in the distance coming into view*, then a clap of thunder / flash of lightning and the white screen with the full KODI logo as thunder echoes momentarily in the distance, followed by a quick logo fold/flare out to black (kind of reverse of what it is now) and a fade in to the KODI main menu from black.

* The "something in the distance coming into view" at the beginning is optional. It could just begin with an immediate clap of thunder / flash of lightning from an all-black background.

(2014-11-29, 01:07)samfisher Wrote: Thanks!

@ned Scott: here's the 720p version link
tried to make it small, not the best quality possible, but should go for now. Smile
Nice. Is it possible to do another when you get a chance to reduce the white color banding?

RE: Kodi Animation thread - christara - 2014-12-02

Am still in the learning process of the software am using so I put together this video. (Sorry its not gif like asked for in the OP?)
Not sure how to go about that. But had seen this thread on animating the intro.
So thought it might be ok. Its only 5 seconds long.

Link to file on dropbox.

Thanks Chris

RE: Kodi Animation thread - samfisher - 2014-12-02

@MidnightWatcher: sure, the final version will have no banding, but now I'm trying to make something slighty different, we're not in a hurry for this Smile

Also we should determine the duration, audio, concept, etc.
For me duration should be between 3-5 secs, audio could be just sound effects or a few music notes, or nothing at all. And I want to keep the X>arrows>K transition, so from what I'm trying now it seems duration can't be less than 4s or it would be too fast, IMO.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - Prof Yaffle - 2014-12-03

Re: sound, it's very common to create a musical 'ident', something that is tied to the visuals and/or the underlying product. If you think of Intel's four-note signature, or McDonald's whistling, or AT&T's ringtone, or even the startup sounds of XP of Win7 - all very recognisable, and all very short. So that's one option, although most 35+ year olds would shudder at the cacophonous memory of an entire office starting XP at not-quite-the-same-time.

I like the idea of some sonorous bass notes humming through the amp to welcome you to Kodi - it's almost reminiscent of the Pearl & Dean expectation for any Brits of a certain age. You could always have an option to disable any startup sound - it makes more sense on OpenElec than it does on, say, your 'phone.

RE: Kodi Animation thread - un1versal - 2014-12-03

Keep it simple and MUTE for now. I like Bassy notes and some catchy riff too... but...

Its been over well over 10 years and still animated splashes are not at all supported officially its always a hack of some sort that gets forgotten.
IMO focus on getting this supported properly and officially first, then add the bells and whistles.

When Nathan said "we" are in no rush for this... he wasn't joking Wink hahaha

RE: Kodi Animation thread - Kib - 2014-12-03

(2014-11-30, 18:39)Piers Wrote: Something simple, just under 3s long and [email protected]

There is no www in kodi.tv Smile

RE: Kodi Animation thread - Piers - 2014-12-03

(2014-12-03, 15:53)Kib Wrote:
(2014-11-30, 18:39)Piers Wrote: Something simple, just under 3s long and [email protected]

There is no www in kodi.tv Smile

It works as it should, but I understand your point.

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