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No avatars? - s10blazed - 2006-07-12

just wondering if avatars are disabled on purpose? it won't let me change it in the user cp.

- Bizzeh - 2006-07-12

i didnt enable avatar uploading for general users.. it should work now.

note: the new constrants are;

h: 80px
w: 80px
file size: 32kb

- s10blazed - 2006-07-12

thanks, it works like a charm.

- Gamester17 - 2006-07-17

Any way to import all old avatars from the old forum so that everyone doesn't have to manually upload/setup it again?

- Bizzeh - 2006-07-17

i tried, but it broke the database. this is why we thought it a better option for people to reupload

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