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S/PDIF best output config - cbierwirth - 2014-12-04

hi everyone,

i recently bought this sound bar from sony. The only way to connect the sound bar is through optical cable and so i connected it directly with my Kodi machine (ASROCK ION330) running OpenElec Helix RC.

So now my question is, which are the best output configuration settings to set in Kodi? When I enable passthrough i can only control the volume directly with the sound bar which i don't really like, but there i have these AC3 and Dolby Digital settings. Can I set the output to fixed or optimized to get the same or even better results?
Or should i connect the sound bar to my 2008 Sony HDTV?

thanks so much for your help Smile

RE: S/PDIF best output config - fritsch - 2014-12-04

The only way to transport more than 2 channels of audio via SPDIF is virtual formats, e.g. AC3 or DTS. If you don't need that, you can just disable passthrough and keep an Optimized 2 channel output with max 48 khz.

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