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2.35:1 (CIH) Skin Development - memmo - 2014-12-08

Hello folks,

I'm wondering if anyone is working on a skin (new or otherwise) that supports a 2.35:1 screen in a CIH (Constant Image Height) setup?

If not, I'm wondering if anyone would be up to porting one of the existing skins and developing support for this setup? I know I could round up a lot of interested home theater owners willing to chip in financially if anyone was up for the challenge.

RE: 2.35:1 (CIH) Skin Development - ronie - 2014-12-08

there's at least one skin that supports it:
208867 (thread)

RE: 2.35:1 (CIH) Skin Development - Hitcher - 2014-12-08

But I've no idea how Kodi handles 21:9 displays so never found out if it was useful or not. Confused

RE: 2.35:1 (CIH) Skin Development - memmo - 2014-12-08

If I'm not mistaken, in order for this skin to work, the display output would need to be set in that aspect ratio.

Many users with CIH theater setups are using the projector's ZOOM to handle the different aspect ratios, with everything being constrained by height of the screen. I think in order for this to work perfectly, the black bars would have to be built into the theme (unless I'm misunderstanding)?

RE: 2.35:1 (CIH) Skin Development - Hitcher - 2014-12-08

What about the zoom function of Kodi?

RE: 2.35:1 (CIH) Skin Development - memmo - 2014-12-08

I suppose that might even be better (and more convenient)... hrmm

RE: 2.35:1 (CIH) Skin Development - AEnz - 2015-04-03

Its been a while..
There is still no good and easy way to CIH projector setups.
The GUI zoom was the best, but at -20 (max) it still spills on a 2.40:1 screen
Can anyone help with moving some of the buttons in confluence, mainly the OSD controls.
I have looked through a lot of the xml files and compared them to abandoned CIH skins, but it is still beyond me.

RE: 2.35:1 (CIH) Skin Development - Funkd - 2015-04-29

Hi. I'm thinking you guys might be on the same boat as me. I have a 2.35 projector screen and my projector is 1920x1080. So the projector is zoomed in. When 2.35 movies are playing it fills the screen but when the Kodi menu is up it spills over the screen onto the wall as it is 16:9. Using the -20% does help but the bars left and right annoy me Smile

So, I've started playing around with things this evening. I'm new to skinning but have a background in software development. Gotta say that looking through the skinning stuff I have even more appreciation for the guys doing the skins.

I'm working at Aeon Nox at the minute. So far it's going quite well. The home screen and two of the movie views have been done all in 2.35. So on my screen I have a wide view and nothing spilling out over the edges. Basically converting the skin to 2.35 with bars so it suits my setup.

Is that what you guys are after too? If you have found anything new since, let me know!

Also what's the deal with editing other people's skins, is it frowned upon or anything :p

RE: 2.35:1 (CIH) Skin Development - phil65 - 2015-04-29


RE: 2.35:1 (CIH) Skin Development - Funkd - 2015-04-29

Sweet! Cheers Phil! I'll have to find another project to keep me busy in the evenings now Smile

RE: 2.35:1 (CIH) Skin Development - Funkd - 2015-05-26

Unfortunatley it looks like the 21:9 Aeon Nox skin might only suit people with an actual 21:9 resolution (2560x1080 / 1920x800). I've tried the beta 21:9 skin on my CIH and tried to force it to use the 21:9 skin folder but it just shows part of the skin. I'm going to continue modding the Aeon Nox skin myself for now.

If anyone else is looking for the same (21:9 format for a zoomed 1920x1080 image) let me know.

(Obviously this isnt as good a job that the devs would make of this!!)

A few (not great) photos of my custom aeon skin for CIH used in 1920x1080 resolution :




RE: 2.35:1 (CIH) Skin Development - eltopo - 2015-05-27

If you can upload it somewhere, I'll have a look and give you some feedback....

RE: 2.35:1 (CIH) Skin Development - Funkd - 2015-05-27

I can upload what I have so far. All that is is the main screen and a few of the movie views. The background I used for the main screen was edited to have the black bars (as it still is a 16:9 resolution) but I can put an overlay in that would just cover these areas. That would mean covering parts of any backgroud you have (not scaling).

RE: 2.35:1 (CIH) Skin Development - Funkd - 2015-05-27

Sent you a PM there eltopo

RE: 2.35:1 (CIH) Skin Development - Funkd - 2015-05-28

Also, the link I sent was the full skin folder. If I send you any more I'll just send the layout folder (i.e. the modded 1080i folder) Smile

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