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Trakt.tv module wishes (Watchlist / Wishlist..) - Zaher - 2014-12-31

Dear lovely developers

I've been using EMM for years now. I enjoy the flexibilty and easy editing for all my movies and tv shows. Never had the need to register here, since it is working like a charme so I'd like to say thank you for all the awesomework! Gonna spend some beers. Really appreciate that!

I started using Trakt to manage my wishlist and it really is a great way, but why should I use another additional tool to manage my library if there's such a good foundation wich I'm already working with.

My request:
Would it be possible to add a wishlist to EMM wich automatically deletes an entry if it has been added to the library?
Edit cocotus: Now finished, see list below!

So far the following features were added into trakt.module Ember:
  • Get Playcount of movies/episodes and sync with local nfo files (tag: playcount) to keep nfo playcounts up to date
  • Sync Kodi Tags with trakt.tv personal lists: Create new trakt.tv lists/XBMC Tags based on tags/lists (called lists in trakt.tv)
  • Browse movie-userlists on trakt.tv (like TOPIMDB500) and compare movies from that list with own library
  • Sync trakt.tv watchlist with Ember library, meaning if a movie is present in Ember library it will be removed from trakt.tv watchlist

RE: Watchlist / Wishlist - DanCooper - 2014-12-31

Cocotus has create a really great and big new module for trakt.tv. Maybe he can add this also (?).

RE: Watchlist / Wishlist - Zaher - 2014-12-31

Gonna check this out tomorrow. Merci Smile

RE: Watchlist / Wishlist - DanCooper - 2014-12-31

(2014-12-31, 03:16)Zaher Wrote: Gonna check this out tomorrow. Merci Smile

Sorry, it's not published yet, but in next beta release.

RE: Watchlist / Wishlist - Cocotus - 2014-12-31

Nice idea! Since I plan to use this functionality myself, I'm eager to implement this (lucky you!) Big Grin
I added your request to bugtracker: http://bugs.embermediamanager.org/thebuggenie/embermediamanager/issues/177
Any updates on this will be submitted there, so maybe register and subscribe to this ticket to get all updates on this topic...

RE: Watchlist / Wishlist - Zaher - 2015-01-01

Happy new year!

Thanks a lot for the awesome news. Looking forward for updates. Subscribed the ticket!

RE: Watchlist / Wishlist - Cocotus - 2015-01-01

ohh just noticed that trakt.tv got a new design and also an API upgrade - right now the Api is under construction: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=138745&pid=1876284#pid1876284

Lets hope they got the issues sorted soon so I can work on watchlist sync...

RE: Watchlist / Wishlist - Zaher - 2015-01-11

Hi Cocotus

Just wanted to ask how it's going if you already started.
My Paypal wants to spend some money really hard lol

RE: Watchlist / Wishlist - Cocotus - 2015-01-11

(2015-01-11, 01:20)Zaher Wrote: Hi Cocotus

Just wanted to ask how it's going if you already started.
My Paypal wants to spend some money really hard lol

At the moment I'm working on an update for trakt scraper to support new v2 API. Right now the module is broken (no syncing of episodes possible) so I'm working on that. As soon as its updated I will add an early version of syncing the trakt.tv watchlist with Ember watched movies. I try to finish the update for next weekend, but no promises - a lot of functionality seems to be still broken on trakt.tv side Wink

RE: Watchlist / Wishlist - Zaher - 2015-01-11

Then better don't hurry too much. Smile I can wait, just wanted to know how's the progress goin on. Thanks a lot for your reply and effort Smile

RE: Watchlist / Wishlist - Hairy Hippy - 2015-02-04

Hi Cocotus - Appreciate your work on trying to update the trakt scraper. How's it progressing? I see Kodi developers are also struggling to updated the official addon in Kodi itself.

Personally I am very interested in getting one of these up and running as recently had to transfer all my data to a new NAS which then meant rebuilding my library and SQL database from scratch. I was then hoping to use the trakt addon to sync back what TV episodes I had watched (it was and still scrobbles fine). Unfortunately that wasn't working as you know so thought I'd try a different route and bring in the watched via EMM, only to discover a broader issue.

Good luck in getting this excellent feature working again and let's hope next time trakt makes a major change they make it easier to get things up and running again.

RE: Watchlist / Wishlist - Cocotus - 2015-02-05


Well regarding wishlist/watchlist support - good news:
I implemented it for movies only though (episodes/shows are a bit more complex, don't know if anyone uses watchlist for episodes Huh )

By the way, I fixed/added the trakt.tv "Listexplorer" tab:

Fetching of "popular lists" (like "IMDB TOP100", "Best Movies 2014" and such..) doesn't work since it's not implemented yet on new trakt.tv site (I hope they will integrate this soon, was there before they updated the site)

At the moment I'm working on the new feature listmanager to copy trakt.tv lists to tags in Ember and the other way round (tags -> trakt.tv list). Dan is currently implementing tag support in Ember, so this will be something new to play with.

All above changes will be in next BETA Release.

For a changelog of the "fixes" for new trakt.tv site look here:
Right now the interesting point "offical lists" and "edit custom list" are still under work, but the developers are making progress Smile

RE: Watchlist / Wishlist - Hairy Hippy - 2015-02-05

Excellent news. How's it going on the sync of TV episodes?

RE: Watchlist / Wishlist - Cocotus - 2015-02-07

(2015-02-05, 23:57)Hairy Hippy Wrote: Excellent news. How's it going on the sync of TV episodes?

Sync of episodes and movie playcount should also be fixed in next beta release - at least it worked for me a week ago when I tested it Smile

RE: Watchlist / Wishlist - Hairy Hippy - 2015-02-07

Thanks again Cocotus!

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