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Title + Subtitle in EPG - puithove - 2015-01-05

Kodi's PVR implementation apparently doesn't have a field for Subtitle in the EPG data. This is a shortcoming I think needs to be fixed, but in the meantime it would be nice to have access to this data. There's many programs that the important data is in the Subtitle name - especially for sports programs.

Example would be:
  • Title: NFL Football
  • Subtitle: Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers

It's also relevant for most other serial shows.

Janbar solved this for the MythTV add-on by simply concatenating the strings with " - " between and it works well.

As I've recently jumped, I wonder if the same can be done on the TVHeadend addon.

RE: Title + Subtitle in EPG - xxxnelly - 2015-01-06

What region and what EPG grapper you using for tvh? I am looking at my tvheadend webui and I don't have subtitle populated.
I am using OpenTV:Sky UK for my EPG.

Anywhere I am sure it would be possible to do in the addon if it correctly populated in TVH.

RE: Title + Subtitle in EPG - puithove - 2015-01-06

I'm in the USA and using Schedules Direct -> XMLTV. Data all shows in EPG on the TVHeadend web UI as separate Title and Subtitle. Just doesn't come through the add-on in Kodi.

Here's an example:



RE: Title + Subtitle in EPG - Jönke - 2015-01-06

Here is a PR https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/4824 but its closed
Hope we will se it opened soon for I

RE: Title + Subtitle in EPG - negge - 2015-01-06

Things like this need to be fixed in XBMC instead of hacking around it in the addon. I'll see if I can find some XMLTV data that has this field so that I can maybe implement it.

RE: Title + Subtitle in EPG - Jönke - 2015-01-06

Here negge maybe http://en.timefor.tv/xmltv

RE: Title + Subtitle in EPG - puithove - 2015-01-06

Would an export from my EPG help you? What would you need?

RE: Title + Subtitle in EPG - puithove - 2015-08-14

I'd like to just bring this up again.

RE: Title + Subtitle in EPG - puithove - 2015-08-14

Actually, I should have looked closer. It seems this was added, but the skin apparently has to include displaying the additional field. I do see it with Confluence now.

RE: Title + Subtitle in EPG - Ingo71 - 2016-01-10

Actually, I am facing the same problem (as I understand it). I can see the "subtitle" field in the web-UI of tvheadend, but the KODI tvheadend client add-on only shows the title. This is of course a problem for identifying e.g. single episodes of a TV serie. I am using Kodi Isengard on a PC and Helix on a Raspberry both with the confluence skin as clients, but in neither case the "subtitle"-field of the epg is displayed. The tvheadend-server runs on the Raspberry, version being shipped with openelec 5.08. Any clues what I can change so that the epg in KODI shows the subtitle field?

RE: Title + Subtitle in EPG - Jönke - 2016-01-10

Works in Jarvis

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