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Add Custom Station to Radio - Galoozer - 2015-01-07

Clearly, I've overlooked something that should be inherently simple.

I'd like to add CBC Radio 1 stations to my Radio/Kodi addon.

I 've it the title CBC Radio 1 - 91.5FM Ottawa

I point the thumbnail to:

And finally, the most important, I point the station URL to:

When I try to play it, it doesn't work.

If I just click on the link in a browser, however, VLC media player opens on my Windows machine and plays the station just fine.

What am I doing wrong?

RE: Add Custom Station to Radio - skyhigh69 - 2015-01-07

plays fine for me, just open notepad and click save and call it cbc but add .strm at the end of name so like this cbc.strm now open the blank cbc.strm file and paste this in http://1671.live.streamtheworld.com:443/CBC_R1_OTT_H_SC now re save and add that to wherever you save your streams to and play it...

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