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Live TV EPG OSD - AT00230 - 2015-01-09


I have a problem with Kodi 14 and TVH 3.9.2339 on Lubuntu 14.04 LTS, but also with OE5 & ,integrated' TVH 3.9.2182:

In both cases Live TV works fine, but the EPG OSD shows always audio 0.0. No matter if it is an AC3, MP2 or MP3 Audio track!

No matter, if OE5 with the supplied pvr 1.9.39 or Lubuntu with pvr 0.9.7, in both cases the same result.

I've tried serveral times, with installation from scratch on different Systems, but always the same problem!

On my production System, i have Gotham 13.2 and TVH 3.9.2075 with pvr 1.9.27 and everthing is fine!

Have any one the same problem, because i can't find anything on Google or in the forum?

Regards, Andreas

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