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Arctic: Zephyr - jurialmunkey - 2015-02-03

watch gallery

watch gallery


CULRC Lyrics
Cinema Experience
Next Aired
Global Search
Extended Info
Info Service
TV Tunes
Artist Slideshow
Video Extras
Artwork Downloader

Extrathumbs / Extrafanart
Mouse and Touch

Icons by iconmonstr.com
Some additional icons and textures by Piers.



RE: Arctic Zephyr - Damac10 - 2015-02-03

Cant wait....Your skins always impress...

RE: Arctic Zephyr - butchabay - 2015-02-03

Wow ! Amazing ... Smile

RE: Arctic Zephyr - allard1992 - 2015-02-03

Also can't wait. I use the whole time mkii.

RE: Arctic Zephyr - Sabish - 2015-02-03

Kickass stuff ! Wink

RE: Arctic Zephyr - allard1992 - 2015-02-03

I love the diskart in Arctic mkii. Has this skin a similar funtion? I hope so.

RE: Arctic Zephyr - mark2112 - 2015-02-03

I like the fact that you have taken the time to redesign the homepage. The old one was great, it's just nice to have something fresh. Great work!

RE: Arctic Zephyr - mrwookie - 2015-02-03

Liking the look of this........ Smile

RE: Arctic Zephyr - furii - 2015-02-03

did not expect to see this when i woke up Smile

i'm curious though, will you have a homescreen reminiscent of the mkii style? by that i mean the ability for the movies section to show the 10 most recently added movies, tv shows to have 10 ongoing tv shows, etc. i haven't found another skin that does it and that's what keeps me running mkii. the first picture makes it look rather emminence-ified. while it certainly beautiful with the big fanart picture highlighting a single show i just personally think it's more functional to be able to have that list front and center.

still, i'm very much looking forward to seeing where this is going. cheers.

RE: Arctic Zephyr - locomot1f - 2015-02-03

can't wait!!! :-)

keep'em coming.

RE: Arctic Zephyr - titidel - 2015-02-03

HO yes yes yes yes yes !!!

RE: Arctic Zephyr - jakks - 2015-02-04

Looking forward to this

RE: Arctic Zephyr - jurialmunkey - 2015-02-04

Thanks guys! Big Grin

@allard1992 - As I'm writing pretty much from scratch, I'm looking to get the main skin finished first (all dialogs etc) before I start adding features, but its definitely something on the cards.

@furii - Once all the dialogs are skinned and I have an alpha out, then there will definitely be some home screen options - main focus is getting the whole skin functional though.

RE: Arctic Zephyr - SarahB - 2015-02-04

I've been using the original again lately. Two things always stand out when i use it...

1) The thing is buttery smooth, like so much more so than most skins i try. The transitions from Coverart and the like to the next item are fantastic, like a well oiled machine.

2) It presents music the best. It offers a lot of views (i'm a fan of the Panel View with the rotating cdart) and just generally seems to offer more choice.

My only *slight* issue with it is because i have a smaller screen (24"), sometimes the episodes watched/unwatched count in views like 'Wall' can be hard to read compared to the rest of the text. Or maybe i just need to purchase a much bigger screen soon Smile

Can't wait for the new version, thanks for your work on this.

RE: Arctic Zephyr - blubserl - 2015-02-04

i love the minimalistic clean style of your skins - this looks fabulous! Smile

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