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- sho - 2009-11-14

XBMC is designed to be operated via remote... so too bad you cannot see the point.

- saratoga - 2009-11-15

astfors Wrote:okey, just a extra device to control the unit with, instead of using a keyboard and mouse? sorry, i canĀ“t see the point in it, if i would be the case.

You can't see the point of using a television remote to watch television?

- fazzieng - 2010-01-10

PS3 can run Ubuntu..
So what`s the problem..?


- dizzey - 2010-01-10

Get accelerated opengl drivers for the ps3 and it really would not be a big problem.
well a ppc port for linux would haveto be made, there is one ppc port not sure if it is linux.

But the biggest thing is no accelerated graphics no Xbmc.

And no the hacks to get access to the ps3 gpu does not count. For the biggest reason no dev have any whis for rewriting the graphics subsystem for a hacked lib that may or not work until the next patch from sony. if one wanted to go that route one would need to find new devs to do it or become a dev and do it

- pumkinut - 2010-01-10


- NineT9mustang - 2010-01-10

but but but, can't you just put XBMC on a disc and put it in your PS3 and XBMC will work??

- fazzieng - 2010-01-11

..is there someone who can trash useless "pumkinut" post eh..?

- althekiller - 2010-01-12

I'll trash this useless thread first. We've already said that no developments in any of the console scenes is going to persuade us to port them. Fork if you're interested in doing it yourself, we don't want patches.

- pumkinut - 2010-01-12

fazzieng Wrote:..is there someone who can trash useless "pumkinut" post eh..?
It's useless how? This "topic" has been bandied about for literally years, and it has been shot down, for very good reasons, since its inception. Every time someone resurrects it, the same arguments happen. It needs to be stickied and stated emphatically that Team XBMC will not develop for the PS3, but as althekiller stated, feel free to fork if you want.

PS3 finally hacked! - kalojero - 2010-01-24

Geohot has finally hacked the ps3, as it has announced in his blog http://geohotps3.blogspot.com/
it will be an option to port xbmc to ps3 now that has been hacked?? developers what think about it??

- spiff - 2010-01-24

no. the ps3 is about as interesting as the other console people won't stop nagging about. please no need for another nag fest - we won't go here either.

- Jezz_X - 2010-01-24

And even if we did it still looks like he is very very far away before he can even think about a pratical use of the stuff he has done

- paul - 2010-01-24

To all Xbox360 and Ps3 abusers(sorry users) stop nagging
the devs over this as they don't want to have anything to do with it.
As it is they have there little hands full as it is with windows / Osx / and all flavours of linux. Besides it's not worth the hassle So for the love of god give it up as they don't know how to do it anyway(no offence guys just my oppinion on the subject).
I will now go hibernate while i get flamed for speaking up for the devs again(must be getting old)Laugh

- northern - 2010-01-26


First off, let me say that I'm aware that this has been an issue for years now, and that many of you probably are sick and tired of people like me, that just won't let go of the idea of a ps3 with XBMC. Well, now I have some new information I'd like to bring to the table.

the PS3 has been hacked !

So my question to you guys that now this shit in and out would then be: does this mean that I can finally start hoping yet again for the brilliant XBMC on my ps3 ?

I previously had an old x-box chipped and installed with "the center", and I can just reiterate what has been said here previously; "try it once, and you'll never be able to go back". Ahh, imagine the XBMC, in its full glory, with bluray playback and all... We can only hope.

- sraue - 2010-01-26

northern Wrote:Hey,
the PS3 has been hacked !

The Hack is not open and not ready, there is also no running linux port for PS3 (with OpenGL, Kernel support, Xorg-Drivers etc...)

northern Wrote:So my question to you guys that now this shit in and out would then be: does this mean that I can finally start hoping yet again for the brilliant XBMC on my ps3 ?

eventually in 1-2 years, if an linux is ready to run on PS3