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MCEremote start KODI, sleep computer - robnas - 2015-02-19

Here's my configuration:

Windows 7
Logitech Harmony one ("MCE SE" & "Media Center-pc" remotes)
MCEremote addon
ASrock H67M GE/HT with CIR receiver

What do I want to do:
Get pc out of sleep, start KODI
Close KODI, get pc into sleep.

Start KODI works, through a "SHIFT-CTRL-W" command that's linked to the KODI shortcut. I think it can be better
Closing KODI can probably work, through an "alt-F4" command (it's in the database of the remote, if I'm not mistaken.
It's also possible to wake the pc from sleep (thanks to the H67M GE/HT).

I want to do it very clean, so please no autoHK solution or faultsensitive workarounds (like going to main menu KODI, press several times down, "ok", several times.....)
I've searched several hours but information is very scattered and unuseful. Registry settings, keyboard.xml mappings obsolete data and many shady solutions....

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