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- girotour - 2003-10-24

i'm trying to fix my problem with xbmc and samba, so i'm compiling the debug version.

cvs pythond.lib is corrupt xbmc/lib/libpython/pythond.lib : fatal error lnk1127: library is corrupt

this is what visual studio 2003 says. i already downloaded pythond.lib again but the problem persists.

btw: the debug version of this lib is smaller then the release one (2077 kb vs. 2666 kb). this is very very strange.

- darkie - 2003-10-24

i've uploaded some news libs yesterday, maybe it will solve your problem. think you will have to wait a few hours before trying it because of the anon cvs

- Zealot - 2003-10-25

i had the same problem. compile in release mode, or rename python.lib to pythond.lib until the anon cvs updates itself.

- girotour - 2003-10-25

i already did it and it worked, but i prefered to inform the project developers.
btw: does anybody know when sourceforge staff will finish the cvs servers maintenance? currently anonymous login gets files that are two days old.  Sad

- girotour - 2003-10-25

the version currently present in cvs database is ok.

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