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Video artefacts on live TV channel change - reakt - 2015-03-01


I'm new here. I'll start off with a question but hope to also contribute here once I get up to speed with this stuff.
I have a raspberry pi 2 with Kodi, tvheadend and I'm using a DVB-T2 USB TV stick (MyGica T230).
It's all working OK in that I can see the TV pictures and I'm very happy with the picture and sound quality.
I wanted to ask if it's a known issue that I see video artefacts on each channel change. By that I mean that it looks as though there's a problem in the stream demuxing for the first few frames in a new stream and this quickly clears up. For example if the decoder wasn't given a correct combination of SPS/PPS/i-frame for the new TS stream then this is how I would expect the video to look. It would clear up once the next SPS/PPS/iframe combo is found in the stream - and this is consistent with what I'm seeing.

Has anybody else experienced the problem I'm seeing?
Any ideas if the problem is likely to be present in tvheadend?

Would appreciate any help. Thanks.
Here's my setup...

Kodi: 14.2-BETA2 Git:085163e (Feb 27 2015)
OpenElec: 5.05
Architecture: RPI2.arm
Tvheadend: 4.3.11

RE: Video artefacts on live TV channel change - alfieqashwa - 2015-11-01

i have the same problem.
no data, scan fail. (tvheadend)
im using OSMC on raspi2
usb dongle MyGica T230 DVB-T2

please help.
it's been a week i am looking for the solution.


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