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Home button (big bug) - OurJermain - 2015-03-01


It's impossible to reach the home button in the lower left corner with the tv remote. So every time I want to go to the home menu, I have to press back all the way back home.

RE: Home button (big bug) - ronie - 2015-03-02

disable this option:
System > System > Input Devices > Enable mouse and touchscreen support

RE: Home button (big bug) - Typhoid Mary - 2015-03-09

I have the same problem with a new install (AppleTV1, Crystabuntu, Gotham)

System > System > Input Devices > Enable mouse and touchscreen support

Just removes the home and favourites icon. It does not allow one to maneuver to the right from a file list for example (If one could move there is no icon now to click on anyway.)
Still have to back completely out of a folder tree to get to home which, other then no large fonts, is the 2nd most annoying thing about the default skin.

Reboot doesnt help. Restore defaults does not help.

Hopefully someone can help...

RE: Home button (big bug) - Epg1 - 2015-03-31

Same problem for me: I've never been able to reach the HOME button via remote button(s).

This happens with Kodi 14.1 on Raspberry 2 (OSMC) and with Raspberry B (Raspbmc).

Stock Confluence skin for both the cases. TV is a Samsung UE32C5100 and I use the tv remote via HDMI-CEC.

I suspect this behavior is "by design" in Confluence but maybe I'm wrong..

Cheers, Epg

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