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Emulator issues - Supergray - 2015-03-24

I have installed advanced launcher in kodi. I have set up the emulator and scanned for roms, following on screen instructions from youtube. All seems fine. However, i then see a message across bottom saying Error "cannot create launchers.xml file" and " cannot create back up file.
Does anybody know why this is? I am using an android xsbox s805. I am very new to this. (I can go in and view the roms within the emulator but when i click on it nothing happens)

RE: Emulator issues - stuCONNERS - 2015-03-24

dont touch advanced launcher until you can get the rom to boot. Once those are working properly, then look at adding advanced launcher. what emu you using?

RE: Emulator issues - Supergray - 2015-03-25

Using Snes9x. The instructions I followed were to install advanced launcher and then add in all the emulators/roms through that which is what I did.
I did try seperately adding on the roms collection browser but for some reason I can't download that add on.

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