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Kodi only finding 10% of TV Shows - Western Wolf - 2015-03-31

Hello! I recently switched from my Boxee Box to a Windows 7 machine running Kodi 14.2, and I'm having a bit of an issue.
A few of my shows are appearing under "TV Shows", but the majority are not. The odd thing is that they are all set up with the same file structure:

Show Name (Year)
- folder.jpg
- Season 01
-- S01EXX - Episode Name
- Season 02
-- S02EXX - Episode Name

I had "tvshow.nfo" files in most directories, but I figured out that the ones showing up properly didn't have them, so I nixed them, which allowed about 7 more shows to scan correctly. That said, I now have 9 of 93 shows appearing in my TV Shows section.

I'm running the Nova skin, if that makes a difference, but I'm not sure why it would.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!

RE: Kodi only finding 10% of TV Shows - _Andy_ - 2015-03-31

I guess the tvshow api can't find a match. I guess you can find a hint in the debug log.

In my case i have 196 tvshows and all are recognized perfectly. If i get a new tvshow i go to the site http://thetvdb.com/ and search for the name (e.g. izombie) and click on the show title with the language i need.
In my case german. If the show have no german entry i click on english. In my example the link goes to http://thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=281470&lid=7
Now i copy the title in the main page of the show. In my example 'iZombie'

This title is the name of my tvshow folder. The next run in Kodi and the tvshow is recognized perfectly.

In your case i guess it's naming issue, because i use the same folder structure like you.

RE: Kodi only finding 10% of TV Shows - steelman1991 - 2015-03-31

Drop the (year) from the show name - only needed where the tvdb requires it as part of the title. Make sure the shows are named exactly as they are on the TVDB.

RE: Kodi only finding 10% of TV Shows - PH-SYM - 2015-04-01

If you are going to use NFO files, just put the URL to the show in thetvdb.com in the file and it should not matter how the folder is named. If you don't use NFO files, you must use a folder name exactly like it is on thetvdb.com. _Andy_'s procedure is a good way of making sure the show's name is correct.

RE: Kodi only finding 10% of TV Shows - Western Wolf - 2015-04-01

It was the year - newb mistake - thanks, folks!

RE: Kodi only finding 10% of TV Shows - mkortstiege - 2015-04-01

Just a quick FYI: Kodi v15 will retry without attaching the year in case the first scrape attempt fails.

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