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Cant get tv streams working - dchabby - 2015-04-08

Hi - I am having a problem getting live tv streams working on my chromebox - openelec setup.

I have mediaportal tv-server installed on my windows desktop and the tvserverxbmc plugin installed and think I have openelec configured properly.

I can see the tv epg data on kodi so I know it is communicating with my desktop but when I click on a channel to view it gives me an error. It flashes for a moment something like 'doesn't have access to c:program data/team media portal/..... or something like that but I cant see the whole thing because it only flashes for a moment.

I try another channel and I get 'mediaportal pvr client - no signal detected.

I did get a log but have no idea how to post it here, can someone please advise ?

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