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- zag - 2009-12-09

If anyone wants some code to start with MeediOS has a photo importer[svn] that works with EXIF and adobe XMP tags. I don't think its a difficult to write an XBMC patch because there are already well established tag reading DLLs.

What might be a little more difficult is is a way to see all the views like location, date, size, camera model, keywords, GPSinfo ect.

A little off topic but what programs do people use to tag photos?

- lennon105 - 2009-12-12

Adobe Lightroom has worked well for me with over 15,000 photos. Since I'm still on the Xbox I keep two photo collections, the originals and another resized to about 1920x1080 for faster loads. Is xbmc for linux or windows able to view camera raw files?

- Andrewishy - 2009-12-13

Hi All

I was thinking...

If a new db was going to be created for the Pictures then wouldn't it be better to create a more flexible db system where the user could create multiple db's based on some user tag (name)... the idea would be to set a separate db for different types of content, so we currently have Video and Music rather than extending these to have home movies within the video db why not have a new db for home movies?

It may be a little harder to set up where all the content is located (but xbmc so needs a wizard to set up where the content is anyway)

Each database should be able to have any content within it, picture, video, music, web pages, documents... this then allows a more generic media experience.

Anyhow I really wanted to say that i also have 1k's of pictures and would like to be able to watch them on my xbmc (Acer revo linux minimum install) and be able to add a picture to a screen saver db if i like it then when the screen save comes on it just goes through the screen saver db.


PS Just downloading the code but its been a while since i programmed and it doesn't seem to be easy to get into the code base

PSS If i get anywhere with a basic patch i'll release it here

Hi Andrew - lennon105 - 2009-12-20


Thanks for trying Andrewishy....wish I could help but I have zero programing experience. I do have a web site that does a great job of using photo keywords. Send me a private message if you would like to see it.

Good Luck

- mhdebokx - 2010-01-08

I hope there will be an exif-picture database soon. I also spend a lot of time tagging my photo's, so it will be neat if I can select the pictures my self.

Away around is not building an database, but implement something like a playlist feature (or makeing a picture plugin).
If it is possible to make a list of pictures (directory names & file names) you want to show, then we can start the slideshows with special interest photo's.
Eg. using ExifTool, we can easy select out interest
exiftool -if "$keywords =~ /Michel/i" -filename -r -s -v0 *.jpg . >playlist_michel.xsp

The plugin can show our own pictures. In fact it looks like the Flick XBMC plugin, but niw it will not scan the internet :-)

Waiting for the first release of such an option . . .

Sort by date - Date currently showing up for pictures if the files dates (not EXIF)? - nabab - 2010-01-14

Hi all,

First, thank you big time for this amazing software!!

I have just installed a media center for my folks on their TV with a Logitech remote and it works awesome. However, they have started to put their photo album on the machine, and when we look at them in XBMC, ordered by Date, it's the file's date which is showing up, not the EXIF date. So teh Diaporama are not chronological, while we can still see the EXIF date and time if we do Info.
They use the Transparency skin (which has some great photo's specific features like the Polaroid view), but I've tried also with MediaStream, and got the same result.
They say that when they loaded the pics the first time they could see the rea date in the list, but not anymore...
Does someone have any idea? Is it normal? If so, is there a skin managing better the pictures?

Thanks a million!


- spiff - 2010-01-14

this would be skin independent. we would need a picture library for this to work, and nobody on the team atleast have expressed any interest in doing one.

Picture library - thor.magnus - 2010-01-15

is more than welcome :-)

please see if you guys can make time for implementing this.

Thank you for all your hard work!

- nabab - 2010-01-18

Thanks for the reply... Is it doable through a Python plugin or does it need to be part of a new release?

Would it be possible to know where exactly in the code to find these processes:
1/ Music or Video library's DB creation
2/ EXIF data reading (when clicking info in the context menu)
3/ Photos scan for creating thumbnails

According to JMarshall it's pretty hard to achieve (9 out of 9!) for a newbie like me, but still I'd like to have at least a little look...

- solexalex - 2010-04-10

Hi everybody !

Unfortunately, team doesn't seem to want to add a library feature inside picture section of XBMC...

I started a python library in that way one year ago, and stopped because I thought the team changed their mind...
One year later, nothing more for pictures and I need it for a new project using an old laptop with XBMC, I'm making my own digital photo frame with weather and some nice other features coming with time.

Anyway, my lib becomes pretty good at "databasing" (ie putting inside a database) exif and IPTC meta infos.
Then, with good requests I can sort pictures by date (from date to date) by camera model, by folder, by tags ....

That post to inform those of you doing the same or even better. It time to talk together as I don't want to go on if it is already close to be released.

For infos, I scan and feed my database of 1234 local files recursively in different folders, for about 30 seconds.I think it is pretty fast.

Tell me what you think about this feature coming to us soon hopefully.

- mhdebokx - 2010-04-12

Hi Solexalex

Thanks for your reply. I was one of the believers too that a library feature should be added to XBMC. XBMC is the best media center, but it lacks this basic feature.

I hope you can develop a python script version for showing the pictures.
As you wrote, the minimal version should have the option to select picture from Exif, IPTC meta tags.

These features should also be available; but these are probably the basic from XBMC
- random play
- no transition / transition using pan and zoom

An other option is to use 'smartplaylist' like in the music database. Combining with regular expressions, the selection of pictures should be very comprehensive.
The selection of the pictures should contain the OR and AND functions.

If you need more specific info, send me an e-mail.

Please continue develop your script.

- solexalex - 2010-04-14

Hi and thank you for your interest.
Right now it stills work in progress but i promess you that you'll get a picture library on your favorite media center pretty soon.
In fact, my lib to get pics as a sqlite library is done. I got many different request too.
On an other way i worked to manage the xbmc slideshow feature right from python script. This part is too much 'alpha' to tell you more.

These couple of last days i tried to make everything works inside xbmc (i was developping from windows python) and the results are extremely encouraging :-)
Today i started the plugin part. This will have a home screen with :
- by dates
- by folders
- by keywords
Inside 'by dates' you will have the years. Then for a given year, the months and for a month the dates and then of course, the pictures. Of course you'll be able to show pictures for a whole year or whole month.
Inside 'by keywords' you ll get the list of your keywords and then pictures for the given keywords.
By folders view will show you only the relevant folders i.e ths which contains pictures.

Your ideas are interesting in that way that i was looking for a solution to enable users to set their very own filters.
I thought to a kind of playlist but was not able to find an open existing format to use. I may develop my own xml like or so picture playlist file afterwards.

Have you got some special filters you may want to use as root for the plugin ?
Can you send me a collection of your tagged pictures for more tests ? (i used picasa tagged pictures)
If you have more info to share it is welcome as i'm not very involved in picture tagging and 'databasing'

- solexalex - 2010-07-12

Hello all.

It has been a while seen my good promess, but I did not worked a lot on it.

Library was pretty good and very working for a beginning. The natural next step was to make an integration to use it inside xbmc. Plugin was the easiest way I think, but xbmc changed a lot since the start of my plugin.
I'm going to keep my 'old' xbmc release to finish the plugin, then I hope I could make it work for very early xbmc release.

ok, ok, a lot of promesses, but it is really what I want to do, but life does not help to do (all) what you want to...

hum, is there anyone continuing reading this ?? lol

keep showing me your interest as I need it to go ahead !

- solexalex - 2010-07-15

plugin in progress !
Right now I'm able to scan (pretty fast) my pictures and sort them by year, then months for a given year, then days for a given year/month, and finally get the pictures. When pictures are listing, you can run the slideshow.

It works pretty fast, the longest part is the scanning stuff to retrieve EXIF and IPTC metadatas when launching the plugin.

Next step will be the "keywords" extraction, then folders.

I'm going to develop a way to create and save custom filters (for example, to get all the pictures tagged "family" from date to date ...)

see ya

- RockDawg - 2010-07-16

Thanks for taking on this project. Pictures always seem to be an overlooked area of XBMC. This will be great! I can't wait!