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South Park Unofficial - Deroad - 2015-04-17

Hi, this is my first Addon i hope you will like it!

  • Ability to play all the South Park content from southpark.cc.com and southpark.de.
  • Ability to play a random episode.
  • Ability to see the featured episodes.
  • Ability search an episode.
  • Spanish/German/English audio support (some videos can be in english, not my fault)

Download and Install:
Install the addon from the official Kodi repository.
You can change the language from the addon settings

  • all

Release History:
  • 0.4.6 - added Season 21
  • 0.4.5 - HLS streams instead of RTMP
  • 0.4.4 - Fixed EN/DE/ES streams.
  • 0.4.3 - Added Season 20
  • 0.4.2 - Fixed DE language (thanks to JinJin @kodi forums)
  • 0.4.1 - Fixed DE/EN/ES and carousel

  • Add addon translation - if you want to help, just translate this file (link)

Open an Issue
  • Click here to open an issue on github

RE: South Park Unofficial - da-anda - 2015-04-17

maybe this should be merged with the southpark.de add-on?

RE: South Park Unofficial - Deroad - 2015-04-17

the SouthPark.de Addon is really bad. it works with the old "api" (it actually parses the html) and do not work in my country, plus it's really bad written.

i used it as base of mine, but then i totally rewrote it due the way it was written.

this is way better, since works with the browser API (those provided with the the JS website)

RE: South Park Unofficial - da-anda - 2015-04-17

in which countries should your version work in? I can select germany in the settings but I get an error that I'm geoblocked. Is this a bug?

edit: ok, just visited the website you're using and I'm indeed geoblocked. Is there a way to make your addon also work for german users without having to use a proxy? I mean there is southpark.de website where these streams can legally be streamed from.

RE: South Park Unofficial - Deroad - 2015-04-17

Here (italy) the .de is geoblocked (actually all the europeans sp websites are geoblocked for me), only the US/UK website is not geoblocked.

then i'll need to add the old website. don't know how, but i'll do it.

do you want to help me?

can you test this?

RE: South Park Unofficial - da-anda - 2015-04-17

edit: I can test but not really help on python side. I just installed the german version and it shows that there is a syntax error - let me try to fix it locally and report back

edit2: there was a missing ":" at line 64. After that I got random success. The "featured" section worked, was playing english audio even though I had selected german (not that I care much about german audio, but still an issue). I also got several other script errors while browsing. Here is a debug log: http://xbmclogs.com/pkzvjadcx

RE: South Park Unofficial - Deroad - 2015-04-18

ok, i'll give a look tomorrow. sorry for the missin ':'. dunno why it didn't told me when i was testing.

RE: South Park Unofficial - da-anda - 2015-04-18

I noticed that older seasons don't seem to play back (tested season1) while f.e. season18 seems to play fine. Just wanted to mention that it's working partly (audio is EN though)

RE: South Park Unofficial - Deroad - 2015-04-18

a friend of mine noticed the some hosts were different.
he gave me a patch. tell me if it's better. if it is i'll do some refactoring and merge it

i watched all the season 1 and 2 to be sure since my code select the best quality available, and it does work.

RE: South Park Unofficial - da-anda - 2015-04-18

sorry, still not working for me as I get python errors now with latest git version of german branch. I added a github comment on one of the bugs I was able to figure out myself. But now I get the following error: http://xbmclogs.com/pgb7chznh

RE: South Park Unofficial - Deroad - 2015-04-18

looks like it downloads a bad xml. but from the browser the lang is German.

ok, the link was wrong. i didn't saw what he wrote. now it should be fixed (i hope)


i've now tested with a German ip the script. All the .de links are fucked up. every time they change host. old episodes are on the old servers, but the new one are on the viacomm servers

RE: South Park Unofficial - da-anda - 2015-04-18

thanks for having a look into the issue.

RE: South Park Unofficial - Deroad - 2015-04-18

just to know, does the southpark.de (the other addon, not mine) script work now?

RE: South Park Unofficial - da-anda - 2015-04-18

unfortunately no. The Video-URLs it's resolving somehow end up in error code 22 according to log and when I try to open the URL in the browser I get a 404 response (example URL http://mtvni.rd.llnwd.net/44620/cdnorigin/mtviestor/_!/intlod/southpark/video/Deutsche/Season_01/0101/acts/0101_2_DI_DEU_640x480_800.mp4).

Would be interesting to know which API the Android app of SouthPark is using - should be more straight forward than the website specific stuff.

RE: South Park Unofficial - Deroad - 2015-04-19

i gave a look to the sp mobile app by using a proxy, just to see if anything change, and no. they use some viacomm api mixed with the mtv ones. unfortunately i cannot use them, because it was all encrypted with ssl

that app is available only for germans, since it's for sp.de