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RE: webinterface.porthole (pet project) - mario661 - 2015-05-01

To Tuxfuxch: Thanks for the pointers, it helped.

I have been working on project some more, but I need to give it a little rest otherwise it's going to interfere with regular day job. Tongue
I have uploaded apha 0.3 which can be downloaded here: http://www.oldfield.nl/webinterface.porthole-3.0.zip.

  • Some keyboard support for navigating Kodi
  • Scrolling through the description of the playing item (both mouse and dragging for touch monitors)
  • Information messages for volume changes, seeking (includes step time) and pausing playback.

Did a little layout change I think - maximum width for the image.

Thinking about (sort-a todo):
  • Like to display the weather information when the user navigates to the weather window.
  • Maybe add a overlay with some nice buttons for navigation?

RE: webinterface.porthole (pet project) - tuxfuxch - 2015-05-01

ok just tried it. looks good. i like the scrolling. very slick and nice bar.

key nav seems to work

also with volume chages, but seeking i did not see, pausing i could see.

when i have the mobile upright, the description is on a new line and it makes better use of space.

the infos for vol changes etc. is not very obvious. maybe you could think about putting it in the bar in the footer after time? well or maybe not.

take you time. now it's already really nice!

RE: webinterface.porthole (pet project) - Tomptez - 2015-06-01

Hey, I gave it a try and I like it so far.

The only thing which I find a little tedious so far is the navigation. For example if I want to select the music of a specific interpret, it would be great to be able to see the different interprets in a list or something like that. Right now I'm only able to see one single item at a time.

But good work, looking forward to try the next version Smile)

RE: webinterface.porthole (pet project) - serjy - 2021-09-24

Dear author or anybody who still keep a copy of this project.
Pls give me a link to download it, I would like to fork it, try to test and maybe update it a little)
Thank you very much

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