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acestreams? - utuxia - 2015-05-07

Is it possible to get IPTV Simple Client to play acestream urls?

RE: acestreams? - Ned Scott - 2015-05-07

Nope. Acestream is a method of using p2p protocols to play videos back. IPTV Simple Client only works with basic video streams in a playlist. Something would need to work in between the two for it to work.

RE: acestreams? - utuxia - 2015-05-07

Well I have the p2p-streams plugin which seems to load acestreams from their parsers ok. I was just wondering how I can link to an acestream from my addon or from the PVR. It seems to be possible, as I see other addons like SportsDevil linking to `acestream://<hash>` links.

RE: acestreams? - utuxia - 2015-05-08

So this works in a normal addon:


But not in IPTV Simple PVR

RE: acestreams? - afedchin - 2015-05-08

All PVR addons (not only IPTV Simple) doesn't support links like plugin://. This is PVR system's limitation.

RE: acestreams? - ellite - 2015-05-11

That would be an awesome feature, loading the plugin like that.

RE: acestreams? - enen92 - 2015-05-11

I'm working on a way to get them to play using iptvsimple. Well, it doesn't really use the pvr addon (nor any plugin:// paths) since the time needed till we have a playable url can be a bit long for the http request timeout. So basically I'll have an http server in python running since startup and by calling a specific url through iptvsimple it will trigger p2p-streams and let's you play the stream through the live tv on kodi. Same for sopcast (below is an example):


RE: acestreams? - Maniac - 2015-05-11

That is really some fine work enen92. Smile Let us know if you need testers.

The "http server in python" you mention here, is that a service-addon in Kodi or a separte entity outside Kodi?

RE: acestreams? - enen92 - 2015-05-11

It's a service addon, more precisely, p2p-streams itself using a service extension point (that can be disabled by the user). Those are quite trivial to do in python. See here for example:


The same can be applied easily to other plugins. Except to those with rtmp links, couldn't figure out a way of redirect the http request to the rtmp stream.

RE: acestreams? - afedchin - 2015-05-12

The new version 3.1 beta2 of ACE Stream Media and later support local HTTP "proxy". To get stream over HTTP you need open a link like following
where content_id is ID of requested content.

RE: acestreams? - Maniac - 2015-05-15

engine_address & engine_port are those ip and port of a server\pc that is running acestream?

RE: acestreams? - afedchin - 2015-05-15

I think so. Here is more info

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