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Trailers not working - _F12 - 2015-05-15

I have an odd problem running Kodi v15 (but the problem has been long term, it is not new with the updates). When selecting Trailer in the Info screen, Kodi just returns me to the menu rather than showing a trailer. There doesn't seem to be any indication that it is trying to load, or no error message. The odd part is that some movies do work and as far as I can tell they seem to be movies that have been added to the library some time in the past rather than more recently. I can't really think why this would be the case. It's worth noting that the trailers that do work give an error message that the plugin calls are outdated. I have tried refreshing content for all items in the library but there is no change. Any ideas?

Debug log: http://pastebin.com/yWLrm1rc

RE: Trailers not working - PatK - 2015-05-15

Trailers are nice, but kind of a mixed bag in operation. Depending on where the trailer is coming from (settable in your scraper), will determine if it plays. Trailer links get outdated quickly, I use the YouTube links and have (fingers crossed) fairly good luck. If you absolutely must have trailers that work 100% of the time in the quality you like, download them and included them with your meta-data with the same name as the video with the -trailer added to the name e.g. SuperMan-trailer.avi and when you scrape/refresh it will be added to the .nfo and will load when. called.

Looking over your log, it appears that you seem to be missing dependencies, a re-install might help but these are older add-ons and you might inquire with the author for a fix/update. Nothing in your log indicate anything other than broken add-ons and their dependencies.

[plugin.video.hdtrailers_net]: failed to install dependency script.module.xbmcswift2}]


[xbmcswift2] Request for "/trailer/play/http%3A%2F%2Fmovietrailers.apple.com%2Fmovies%2Ffox%2Fkingsman%2Fkingsman-tlr1_h720p.mov" matches rule for function "play_trailer"
12:38:43 T:2408 ERROR: dll_fputs emulated function failed

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