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Can we end-user please have the 'Edit' (button) function back here in the forums? - kzr1y2 - 2006-10-20

Oh great and all powerful forum moderators, may we please have the 'Edit' post feature back ...

... we promise to use it wisely.



- pike - 2006-10-20

negatory, because I know many won't use it wisely.

and here's the explanation: if someone makes a troll post, I want it to be there forever, until it's deleted by us.

the head admin has spoketh

- elupus - 2006-10-21

can't it be timed based? ie allow edit within a minute of posting? I know i often have to go back and correct a post after it has been posted (yea I know I can probably still do it).

- pike - 2006-10-21

no sorry, it's a flaw in vbulletin.. If I enable timebased eg 5mins, only head mods can edit after 5 mins. means you elupus won't be able to edit after 5mins

- jonb2 - 2007-01-04

How about once you get to 100 post you can edit or something, not being able to edit typo's is %!#@%$!#^$#&^$!&%^*&^%(*$(^&*%(&$$#

- pike - 2007-01-05

how about you use the Preview function ?

- jonb2 - 2007-01-05

quick reply doesn't have a preview.

- Bizzeh - 2007-01-06

"Post Reply" does

- smart - 2007-04-07

I miss the edit function too

How do you delete or edit your threads - tufferred - 2007-09-24

read the title

- blittan - 2007-09-24

you cant.. only moderators allowed (and special users)

- phunqe - 2008-04-09

I'm quite surprised that the edit function still does not exist. The trolling argument seems rather thin to me, I don't see it being an issue on any other site I frequent. If somebody trolls, chances are somebody will quote it anyway.

Furthermore, not having the edit function adds to the user's frustration in several ways. To name one, I can see a lot of HOW-TO threads. The problem is that the original post often becomes outdated. The author can then either start a new thread, ending up with a truckload of HOW-TOs on the same subject, or add the new revised version in the existing thread (most common).
Both are really frustrating, the second variant even more when you have to browse through tens of pages just to find something that should be very simple to find to start with.

- phunqe - 2008-04-09

Furthermore, you can't say that there isn't an abundance of threads which could be avoided by allowing peeple to edit their threads. Newbies coming here read the "X steps to make this work" and then basically poist a new thread every time it doesn't work.
Now, you might think that people actualyl should go through the whole thread and look for updates, but that's not how it works. You can't expect new people to go through a truckload of pages, which will even confuse them further.

- pike - 2008-04-09

our closest cousin Xbox-Scene has a 5min edit limit last time I checked. I don't know how this affects Moderators and special users over there, but it's a different system.

But this isn't an option for THIS FORUM engine as then it would mean EVERYONE would have that restriction and we don't want that (I don't have to explain why I hope)

So that's why we have this compromise in effect currently

- phunqe - 2008-04-10

I don't agree to why there needs to be a time limit in the first place. Has it caused problems in the past?

Of course, if it's out control it would be one thing, but this isn't 4chan random either. This forum has a rather house trained audience (with exceptions of course :p). Sure, you can lock down a forum to a certain point where everything goes away, but to what cost. I personally think a couple of bad edits are worth it.

Just my 2 cents however Smile

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