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profiles driving me mad lol - Lee786 - 2015-05-23

I am trying to get my head around using Kodi Big Grin I am not really having much of a problem in that I can install stuff and get things working fairly well
my only problem is with profiles

I am trying to set up a second profile purely for Adult stuff I was hoping I would be able to set up a profile
with none of the apps installed from the main default master profile is that possible? everytime I try the apps in the master profile are also showing in the new one.

What I wanted was

Default master profile showing no adult apps

Adult profile showing nothing that's in the master profile only adult video apps

I don't need passwords all I want to do is keep the porn in one location and film in another.

Oh and is their any scripts or anything that will keep my URL's updated I live in the UK and isp's suck and keep blocking sites.

RE: profiles driving me mad lol - PatK - 2015-05-23

You would have to have three profiles, the master (everything is seen), the adult stuff, and the rest of the stuff; locking the master would do it, but some searches might reveal, and add-ons would still be viable.

A lot of people have a separate source for adult stuff and just keep it offline, if it's in the library you will see the listings just not be able to play them. If you didn't scrape them and used file mode, it might work out OK (btw: you can still have covers and backgrounds but no meta-data and Adult add-ons will still show.

An alternative might be to create an Adult node, but again the add-ons will still show. As long as the videos are available to the library, your master profile will see it all.

I did run into an add-on called Super Favourites, which will allow you to favourite just about anything and put a password on specific SF folders. So my idea would be to re-create or duplicate your video add-ons in SF (hide the Kodi video add-ons) then lock your Adult add-ons (they are not in the library so far so good, ditto with movies etc if you put them in an off-line sourced folder, you would be secure and they will be available but not in your library.

Whatever is easier, but I think you will find SF will work for you.

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