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Filter HD movie - Asder99 - 2015-06-09

How can I filter my movie selecting only the HD movies?
I even tried to sorting my list by resolution, but this option isn't there.

Any tips?

RE: Filter HD movie - PatK - 2015-06-09

Easier to create a smart playlist (you can save it as a favourite) with a rule that picks out video by resolution. Smart Playlists (wiki)

In the end it ill look something like this.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<smartplaylist type="movies">
<name>HD Movies</name>
<rule field="videoresolution" operator="greaterthan">
<order direction="ascending">title</order>

RE: Filter HD movie - Piers - 2015-06-09

Edit: I can see PatK has listed another way of doing it, the problem with choosing resolution of 719 is that it doesn't always work. It's best to pick the higher SD resolution (think 21:9 content, for example).

I have a Smart Playlist set up for this exact purpose.

1) If you go to Videos -> Playlists -> New smart playlist...
2) Now use these settings
Type: Movies
Name of playlist: HD (or pick another)
Find items where, New rule (click this) - a new dialog will open

Use Up/Down to select (Video resolution)
Then move right to (is) and change it to (greater than)
Then move down to the box and put in 576

You can ignore the rest of the options or change. This will create a new playlist with all videos of a vertical resolution higher than 576 pixels.

RE: Filter HD movie - Asder99 - 2015-06-09

Thanks a lot for both of you! Smile

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