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One Click to get to right media folder? - VidarParry - 2015-06-10

Hi all,
I’m a new convert from MediaPortal to Kodi (Kodi 14.2 on Windows 7). So far it’s much better, although there’s still one or two things I’m trying to get to grips with. Main task is to make it Wife friendly:-)

I have my files on a NAS, with Pictures in a Photos folder, Music in a Music folder, TV Shows in a TV Shows folder, Movies in a Movies folder and Music Videos in a Music Videos folder. These respective folders are then attached to the relevant ‘button’ in Kodi. (TV Shows, Movies and Music Videos are all sub-folders under Video on the NAS, but I don’t see why that should matter?)

Number one issue at the moment is when I click on, say, Pictures at the main menu, I want to go straight to the share folder that has my Pictures in. Currently it goes to a menu displaying "Picture Addons, Pictures and Add Pictures". I then have to navigate and select Pictures (the name for my share folder). Music is the same.

Worse however, is if I select Movies I get "Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, In Progress TV Shows, Recently added movies, Recently added episodes, Recently added Music videos, Files, Playlists, and Video Addons"!

Music Videos and TV Shows do the same thing – it’s as if the three Video categories are all pointing at the same share folder, but are aware of and navigate to the correct sub-folder.

Not sure whether a debug log will be helpful, but let me know if you want one.
Many thanks!

RE: One Click to get to right media folder? - steelman1991 - 2015-06-10

Welcome aboard Steve.

Sounds like you are using Kodi from 'files' view, rather than the library view.

First of all check to make sure you have added your sources correctly - see here - http://kodi.wiki/view/Quick_start_guide#Adding_files

Once you have added your sources correctly, you will be able to 1 click directly into them as you want.

RE: One Click to get to right media folder? - VidarParry - 2015-06-10

Thanks Steelman.
Did all that, but I've just remembered that at Step 6 (Set content) I forgot to set it, and went back afterwards to set it properly. Maybe that's confused the configuration.

I'll delete all the shares and re-add them properly and see if that fixes it. Then I'll try a clean install. Might take a couple of days but I'll post the result.


RE: One Click to get to right media folder? - Ned Scott - 2015-06-11

It sounds like you're talking about the sub-menu items on the home screen? Selecting "Movies" should bring you directly to Video library -> Movies -> Titles, without having to do anything else. For Pictures it's a little different, because pictures don't actually have a "library" feature yet. In any case, I would recommend checking out one of the other skins that are available other than the default skin, Confluence. While Confluence has been a great skin over the years, it doesn't currently support a lot of customization options for the home screen, but most other skins do. It gives you more fine control over what is or isn't on the menu, and you can even add totally custom options like "Documentaries" or "Concerts".

Depending on how far you want to go, it might take some setting up, but once it is done it can be very wife/mom/dad/grandparent/family-friendly :)

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