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TV series not scraping - xDetoursx - 2015-06-12

So i've been trying to scrape Paw Patrol Season 1 and Season 2. Each season is under a main folder named Paw Patrol (2013). Within each season, each episode has been remained using theRenamer

I deleted the TVDB metadata cache folder then scanned.

Season one gets scanned as Formula 1 Season Review and season 2 gets scanned as Special Crimes Force TEN, some Korean mini series. I have none of these in my library yet all the thumbs and data for these are scraped instead of the Paw Patrol episodes.

Same thing happens when I change to XEM.

What gives?

KODI 14.2. - Windows 7

RE: TV series not scraping - steelman1991 - 2015-06-12

Name it correctly - no year.

RE: TV series not scraping - xDetoursx - 2015-06-13

(2015-06-12, 23:40)steelman1991 Wrote: Name it correctly - no year.

Well, that did nothing.....

When I scan, these 2 .xml files end up in the metadata.tvdb.com folder


Re: TV series not scraping - nickr - 2015-06-13

Debug log (wiki)

RE: TV series not scraping - BatterPudding - 2015-06-14

Give us some real physical examples of how your files are named.

They should be like this:
\TV\Paw Patrol\Season 01\Paw Patrol s01e01 Pups and the Kitty-tastrophe.mkv
\TV\Paw Patrol\Season 02\Paw Patrol s02e17 Pups and the Big Freeze.mkv

And so on...

I am guessing there are some other junk text in the folder or file names that is confusing the scraper. Or some confused .nfo files in the folders?

I have no idea what "the renamer" is, but is sounds like it may have made a bit of a mess of your files. Always better to rely on the human brain when computers start to make errors like this.

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