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background pack? - roeroe - 2015-06-14

In the XBMC old days, there are various background pack people put together
for music, movies and TV and you can download these packs that contains dozen or hundred
of wallpaper you can use as a background for your XBMC

I am after the same thing so I can use for Kodi background wallpaper, can someone point me in
the right direction or such things no longer exist?

RE: background pack? - roeroe - 2015-06-16

After of a bit of searching I found the perfect site for many beautiful HD background wall paper
Good to go with Rapier skin


RE: background pack? - RockerC - 2015-06-16

Backdrops / backgrounds can individually be downloaded from these community maintained sites:


RE: background pack? - VanZan - 2015-06-20

Seems like a lot of work. I'd prefer an old pack like the DJH one for Aeon years back. I'd love a pack of iconic scenes and posters of the greatest movies of all time. Classics.

RE: background pack? - PatK - 2015-07-16

A few backgrounds, or possible shutdown images



RE: background pack? - PatK - 2015-07-24

What my shutdown screen looks like with the above image in place.


RE: background pack? - SMacEwan - 2015-08-09

Thanks PatK. Love the first one. Smile

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