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MythTV front-end client built-into to XBMC - falser - 2004-01-22

xbmc could probably be extended to add minimal amount of mythtv support. mythtv records the shows in a "nupple video" format so that it can be streamed. it is an open source format and could probably be integrated into xbmc in the same manner that relax and smb have been. xmbc could also do some mysql queries to retrieve the tv show names and so you would essentially have a quick and dirty mythtv front end. for those who know mythtv - this would be only the "play recordings" item and nothing more.

this would be invaluable for people that have mythtv systems running because it really is a pain in the butt to load up linux and then load mythtv in order to watch recorded shows on the xbox. a very simple front-end like i described would be incredibly useful.

if i were more experienced with c++ i'd do it myself, but it's out of my scope of ability.

- falser - 2004-01-23

whoops my mistake. it looks like xmbc can already play back the files mythtv records if you are using a hardware encoder tv tuner (such as wintv250). all that would be necessary for mythtv support would be to have a mysql lookup of the show's name - because otherwise you have select from a bunch of files named like:

(not very informative)

so someone needs to put libmysqlclient into xbmc, and make a new "mythtv" protocol format that piggybacks off of samba. actual playing back of the file could be done the same as with samba, but the show names would have to be found by doing a mysql query for each file.

- stickman - 2004-03-22

it would be awesome if xbmc could work as a mythtv frontend. it already does everything you could ask, but this... i've dreamt for a long time for this to happen.

i believe that for a skilled programmer, it wouldn't be that hard at least to add livetv support and channel zapping, other features would require more work.

there is already an wip project to create a windows frontend, and he has created a small doc detailing what he has found about the mythtv protocol.

- mikesm - 2004-04-05

mythtv's frontend has already been developed and runs fine on an xbox. just check out the mythtv-users list. no need for xbmc to reinvent the wheel.


- cyberplague - 2004-04-05

or just check the python section of these forums for someone that has a script in xbmc running this..



- stickman - 2004-04-06

@mikesm: i know it works, since i already have mythtv frontend running in my xebian installation.

what i'd like to see is an implementation for xbmc, since its usability is superb and i feel really comfortable using it...

python implementation is looking good, i just hope it doesn't get to a dead end while trying to implement livetv or scheduling recordings...

- smokeman - 2004-05-10

there is some work being done on using the python scripts to include mythtv integration. from what i understand of mythtv(just getting into it) you can use another mythtv pc, as a frontend to control your backend mythtv box. this would mean scheduling recordings, as well as playback. this is what needs to happen for xbmc to access mythbackend. pc's are so expensive, especially ones that match home theatre equipment looks. xbox is a cheap alternative, and when used as a myth thin client, man can it do some amazing things. i am just getting into free to air, or dvb-s, and if you look here:lyngsat fta you can see how much free stuff is comign down already. you just have to tune in to get it. i have a nexus-s card on the way, to set up wiht a mythtv pc, and i plan on getting my 2 xboxes working with it one way or another. this sounds like a great sub project for xbmc.

- wheezzl - 2005-02-08

will it be possible in the future to record tv shows on the xbox using xbmc like it is today with mythtv on a linux-xbox? that would be a great feature!

- wheezzl - 2005-02-09

i don't actually know why the moderator moved my post to this one and warned me for not searching before posting... my question is about recording tv shows without any frontend for mythtv... just using the xbmc... and that seems to me as another question as this post is about... anyway... would be happy for an answer though...

- wabidwoveren - 2005-02-09

so how exactly do you expect to input the video into the xbox?

- Gamester17 - 2005-02-09

(wheezzl @ feb. 08 2005,22:35 Wrote:my question is about recording tv shows without any frontend for mythtv... just using the xbmc
see feature suggestion/request: "usb tv-turner adapters to xbox/xbmc? including video recording features!? (link)" )...don't hold your breath in wait for it, you'll die :p)

- 1timeuser - 2006-01-03

this kind of ruins the point of having a media center i know, but the other myth tv distrobution is way too big. it would be nice if xbmc had a tiny little myth tv frontend... you know what? i might just look into it myself :lol: . cheers.

- Loto_Bak - 2006-01-03

please use the search function next time

mythtv frontend has been written in python for xbmc.
it includes live tv playback, recording playback, recording schedualing and tv guide


- 1timeuser - 2006-01-03

thanks, but upon searching the words "myth", "linux" and of course "myth tv" no results came up. being a moderator from one of wraggsters sites i know better then anyone how much everyone needs to use search.

also the link you provided directs me to an empty sf page.

- Loto_Bak - 2006-01-03

appears their homepage has no content Rolleyes
try http://sourceforge.net/projects/xbmcmythtv

regarding the search,
you likely didnt set the search time period (last box at the bottom) or didnt select 'all forums' in the forum selection box

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