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- ptipton - 2008-03-08

Thanks. Its same issue that I posted on couple of weeks ago with debug logs here http://pastebin.com/m73d62885 SOLVER had the same issue. Just wondered if there was a fix that I had missed.

- C-Quel - 2008-03-08

Well i apologise for not backtracking... please excuse me Smile

- C-Quel - 2008-03-08

I see a lot of DNS issues in that log... you have a router?

- ptipton - 2008-03-08

Yep have linksys router and separate linksys wireless access point. I know have DNS issues when running on xbox that I still need to fix. On linux get connected and watch tv except it spends all its time buffering and using all the CPU. So watch 30 secs TV, buffer for couple of minutes, 30 sec live tv etc. Thanks

- C-Quel - 2008-03-08

DEBUG: CDVDPlayerAudio:: Discontinuty - was:4647093.824778, should be:4549353.981225, error:-97739.843553

I've seen that mentioned somewhere before, ill have a poke around but im sure someone who was using normal dvd plackback was suffering the same issue that may well be the cause of the buffering your experiencing.

- elupus - 2008-03-08

cpu usage will be high if you have debug logging on. turn that off again from advancesettings.xml if you changed it there.

high cpu usage will result in discontinuties too so. I have 50% cpu usage during sdtv playback. (debug build > 100% thou, but that is nothing that you should be using)

- franKiboY - 2008-03-09

I also have the same problems with high CPU usage that has been reported earlier. Not so fancy hardware, so this might of course be the problem. (Athlon XP2400+ and NVidia 7600GS).

I have set loglevel to 1 in advancedsettings.xml, but still have problems viewing live tv due to 100% CPU usage. Watching recordings gives about 10-20% CPU usage, so I believe something is wrong as I can't see the big CPU hog live tv overhead could give..

I'm happy to post logs if the ones present is not giving any clear answer.

BTW: I've been a long time XBMC for Xbox user and was really impressed by the linux version when I tried it. Better integration with Mythtv is a killer app for me! Love it!
Big Grin

- ptipton - 2008-03-09

Tried compiling with debugging turned off ( Cant find advancedsettings.xml , but even if I have this file I havent made any changes to it). With debug off slight improvement in that it buffers perhaps only half as much as before. Have posted log here http://pastebin.com/m35ccaaa0. It still has the discontinuity error that C-Quel noted.
My hardware not too dissimilar to franKiboys. athlon 64 3000 and Nvidia 7800.
The system plays all my avi files etc perfectly with low CPU usage. Thanks

- snappz - 2008-03-09

One thing I noticed was that when I compiled with CONFIGOPT=--disable-debug and used the -q switch (forgot it was in the launcher) when launching, usage was 100% both cores on 3ghz cpu.

When I didnt use the -q I was using approx 90% and 50% when viewing live HDTV. mythtv backend and xbmc on same machine.

- franKiboY - 2008-03-09


I have not found much information about advancedsettings.xml, but this file does not exist by default. Create the file in the UserData directory. My advancedsettings.xml contains the following:


- elupus - 2008-03-09

nah don't create it. if it doesn't exist it's at it's lowest level.

are you two perhaps using analog tv cards and playback on same computer? if you are then computer have to encode (compress) the show at the same time. if you can ssh into your machine while playing and doing a "top" then you can see what hogs the cpu.

i have seen very high cpu usage by the myth:// filesystem, but only in debug mode on xbox. i've not yet been able to figure out why that happens, i suppose it could be related.

- ptipton - 2008-03-09

I 'm using a Hauppage PVR150 card for analog TV on a remote backend. Have standard mythtv frontends and xbmcmythtv python script from Xbox XBMC working fine.

- elupus - 2008-03-09

fixed the high cpu usage. just svn up and try again Smile

- Bram77 - 2008-03-09

ptipton Wrote:I 'm using a Hauppage PVR150 card for analog TV on a remote backend. Have standard mythtv frontends and xbmcmythtv python script from Xbox XBMC working fine.

Does the frontend have to be started to make xbmcmythtv be able to connect? Isn't the backend enough?

- franKiboY - 2008-03-09

Thanks, elupus!

The CPU usage is now down to 20-30%.

However, the problem with live tv is still there.

When I select a channel, xbmc "hangs" for about 20 seconds. Then it starts to play at about twice the speed for some time (I guess until it catches up with the live tv). Then it starts buffering for about 20 seconds, before starting to play correctly for about 20-30seconds. Then it buffers for about another 20 seconds, play back about 20 seconds over and over again.

My Backend is on another (dedicated) computer, which two tuner cards (dvb-c) and plenty of hourse power. I have run 5 mythtv frontends at the same time without any problems (2 live tv and 3 recordings), so it should not be the BE causing the problem.

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