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- Rand Al Thor - 2008-03-20

Hey elupus, I read the recent changes about program info subtitle (show name) etc. call me dense but how do i view this info? If i hit the info button it asks me to set up scraper options, and t during playback gives just channel and show name. Am I missing something?

- C-Quel - 2008-03-20

Whilst watching the channel press info unless its only been added to channels list?

- elupus - 2008-03-20

It probably only visible while watching livetv. Recordings go under same fullscreen info as tvshows. Then again i don't see why we shouldn't display the same type of stuff for all tvshows.

- Rand Al Thor - 2008-03-20

Ahh gotcha, I only tried it on recorded shows, not live tv. Just a question. If I added one of the library views to file mode would it display the show info while browsing channels? I have never actually tried adding library info in a file view so I don't even know if that would work. I don't really see any reason why it wouldn't though it the info is there.

- elupus - 2008-03-20

Yes it should work.

- joebidalli - 2008-03-21

Thanks elupus. Connecting now.

- elupus - 2008-03-21

and by that you mean it's working or that you only get a listing :/

Whoa! - apanloco - 2008-03-22

Whoa! I am impressed! Happy and giggly and all. Tried this: First watched LiveTV. Pressed the red recording button. Back to Recorded shows and watched the recording. And then back to watching liveTV on second tuner. This is impressive.

Small howto for the ones interested in this and doesn't want to read several pages back, do this:
1. build XBMC no extra configuration options required, mythtv support is enabled by default (./build.sh DEST=/home/da/XBMC/dest/ CONFIRM)
2. add video source with mythtv url, i.e.:
myth://mythtv:[email protected]
no portnumber required for me. Adjust for your setup.
3. watch!

This is great stuff. One hour with XBMC and I'm SOLD!


- joebidalli - 2008-03-22

elupus, It's working with one tuner for me.

I got excited after it was working and added my second tuner/source. the listing for the second source doesn't show up.

And now when I try to watch livetv from the tisting for tuner 1 I get:

2008-03-22 10:35:07.592 ChannelBase(5): IsTunable(DVBInput,50) Channel is valid, but tuner is busy on different multiplex (15 != 19)
2008-03-22 10:35:08.046 ChannelBase(5) Warning: Setting start channel '50' failed,
selected to '125' on input 'DVBInput' instead.

MythTV backend is defaulting to HW Tuner2 (DVB) when starting livetv, but my Channel listing is for Tuner1(Analog Cable) so I actually request Channel 50 for Tuner 1.

- elupus - 2008-03-22

Yea, i've not yet tested multiple tuners.

I know it probably won't work if a channel only exists on a single tuner. I don't do any testing for what channels a tuner support when starting. Will be better if i ever get my secondary tuner up and running (currently unsupported in linux).

Sounds abit odd thou that you only get listing from one of the tuners. Maybe i missed something. will look at it.

<edit> Okey I actually don't loop over all tuners, i just check first tuner. will add that later. </edit>

- mighty_bombero - 2008-03-24

First of all thanks for the work towards MythTV integration. I've tested it with MythTV from Ubuntu 8.04 and the latest t3ch build from yesterday and it shows the channels and recordings just fine but once i select either channel or recording xbmc hangs. Is this to be expected?

Think my comp might be too slow - brw02005 - 2008-03-24

Tried using it in the pre-alpha deb svn12195 and my computer or graphics card must be too dam slow since the sound and video do not line up.

I am running a Celeron D 2.6 ghz overclocked to 3.0 ghz (I know overclocking a celeron don't laugh) with 768 mb ram (I know I loose DDR with different modules but it still made it faster) with a FX5200 graphics card (I know it's below the minimum but it works for the rest of XBMC).

Was wondering if you had any tweaks I could try or just let you know I'm below the minimum.

- elupus - 2008-03-24

nope that isn't to be expected. a debug log perhaps. it could be the same issue as others are having with their router/dns server not providing addresses for local computers. a debug log would tell more.

shouldn't be below minimum no. does the dropped frames counter keep increasing during playback?

- joebidalli - 2008-03-25

elupus, your update now gives me tuner information for both my tuners. But the correct Tuner is not selected. Channel 097 is on Tuner2 HW tuner 5.

2008-03-24 17:57:25.387 TVRec(4): Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
2008-03-24 17:57:25.435 TVRec(4): HW Tuner: 4->4
2008-03-24 17:57:26.858 AutoExpire: CalcParams(): Max required Free Space: 2.0 G
B w/freq: 15 min
2008-03-24 17:57:27.043 MainServer::HandleAnnounce FileTransfer
2008-03-24 17:57:27.138 adding: borrelli-laptop as a remote file transfer
2008-03-24 17:57:26.869 MPEGRec(/dev/video0) Warning: Audio sample rate 32000 Hz
is not supported by ivtv driver, using 48000 Hz instead.
2008-03-24 17:57:29.575 GetChannelData() failed because it could not
find channel number '097' in DB for source '2'.
2008-03-24 17:57:29.770 ChannelBase(4): IsTunable(Tuner 1,097) Failed to find ch
annel in DB on input '5'
2008-03-24 17:57:29.818 ChannelBase(4) Error: Setting start channel '097' failed
and we failed to find any suitible channels on any input
2008-03-24 17:57:29.915 Channel(/dev/video0): SetChannelByString(097), Error: Ch
eckChannel failed.
Please verify the channel in the 'mythtv-setup' Channel
2008-03-24 17:57:29.950 TVRec(4) Error: Failed to set channel to 097.

- elupus - 2008-03-25

hmm.. spotted a bug which could affect this if one of your tuners are recording at the moment. could be it even if you weren't i suppose.

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