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- elupus - 2008-03-29

Okey, yea i've got no testing at all for slave backends. No idea how the differs really. I should guess there is some differences in that database is on a different hostname than the actual stream source.

Anyway guys, I've added ability to set static dns entries in advancedsettings.xml. (check manual or changelog for how). Also for those with semiproper dns servers, i've added ability to set dns suffix in network settings on the xbox.

- Rand Al Thor - 2008-03-29

Very nice elupus. This should help lots of people who are having connection issues. Thanks again for this. I use xbmc/myth all the time!

- lingenfr_xbmc - 2008-03-29

For those of us without the ability to compile, are we waiting for the next T3CH SVN build? Any other alternatives?

- Nick8888 - 2008-03-29

on xbox
you can compile your own, but it is difficult and illegal.
or wait for a pre compiled one (tech)

on linux
you can build xbmc from svn anytime you want.

- solver - 2008-03-30

I know there were some people in here that had problems with, like me, constant buffering when watching livetv. I've just upgraded to ubuntu 8.04 and it solved the issue. I believe it was caused by a faulty alsa-driver so compiling a newer version (1.0.16 in my case) should solve the problem on ubuntu 7.10. I kept seeing the message "CALSADirectSound::AddPackets - buffer underrun" and "CDVDPlayerAudio:: Discontinuty" in xbmc.log so I think it was alsa. Hope this can help others. So now XBMC is running as it should on my Mac mini.

- Rand Al Thor - 2008-04-01

Strange, I have been getting crashes on live tv for the last few days. It started somewhere around the "big merge with trunk" or shortly before that. Cheers.


- Rand Al Thor - 2008-04-03

Still getting crashes on live tv. Recordings play fine. Channel Icons seem to be causing errors and will not show.


This is on linux. Anyone else having similar issues?

- Nick8888 - 2008-04-03

Yeh I think I am too Rand Al Thor. Not too worried at the moment because mythtv is stuffing up for me. Im planning on upgrading to hardy when it is final.

- elupus - 2008-04-03

How does it crash? those logs indicate no crash whatsoever.

- Rand Al Thor - 2008-04-03

It crashes as in the GUI disappears leaving a terminal window on an otherwise blank desktop. Is there any way I can get you more information that might be helpful? It is really strange because I have had absolutely zero issues with myth since its inception on xbmc. As I stated earlier, it stopped working somewhere around the same time as the "big merge" or perhaps as far back as Revision 12365. Maybe if i get some extra time this weekend I can just start rolling back to different revisions to see when something changed that caused this to happen. Not that I think it has anything to do with the crash, but if I remember correctly channel icons stopped working (for me at least) but I didn't get around to posting a bug report.

- Rand Al Thor - 2008-04-04

Ok, I narrowed it down. It works fine in revision #12363 and it crashes in revision #12365:fixed: starting of live tv would take ages, due to dvb creating a empty dummy file which myth stalls for a very long time on open.
changed: use newer mythtv's possibility of spawning live tv directly to a specific channel.

Hopefully this helps. Cheers.

- elupus - 2008-04-07

It does, but a gdb backtrace would be better. ( can't remember exactly how to create one at the moment, so if anybody remembers please chime in )

- Clumsy - 2008-04-07

https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Backtrace - Might help.

- apanloco - 2008-04-07

I have added a patch for a crash that happens for me on Windows when removing idle sessions (i.e. after changing channels). Tiny patch and explanation is here:
Tested OK on Windows and Linux.

- Rand Al Thor - 2008-04-07

Here is the traceback. Hopefully I did it right and this gives you the information that you need. Let me know if there is anything else that you need and thanks again for looking into it.

Thanks for the link.

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