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- Nick8888 - 2008-01-26

Just did a quick search and couldnt come up with much recent info but anyone know the benefits of using vdr over mythtv?

- Clumsy - 2008-01-26

My experiences with MythTV are pretty old, last time I tried it was sometime last year. In my eyes VDR has always had it's advantages in the usage department, it never looked as good as a mythtv since it was optimised for TV resolutions and tv-outs of DVB cards and mythtv was made for VGA resolutions. But it was always alot faster and imo more stable when it comes to watching TV. The feeling was always alot like a real hardware receiver, there are no big delays when zapping channels and timeshift/recording works instantly without any delays. I never got that feeling with mythtv. The other advantage of MythTV is the client/server architecture, that is something VDR has always only solved with plugins (streamdev-plugin) and mythtv always had that as a basic feature, that should make it easier to integrate it in XBMC I would suppose - but probably with the disadvantages of slower seek times and a more sluggish feeling than a VDR. Idealy, both would exist Wink

Why not just use the xbmcmythtv script? - MattPF - 2008-01-26

Why do we need anything beyond the xbmcmythtv script? Which I use and love on my hardware xbox, however can't get it to run yet on linux XBMC.

- topfs2 - 2008-01-26

MattPF Wrote:Why do we need anything beyond the xbmcmythtv script? Which I use and love on my hardware xbox, however can't get it to run yet on linux XBMC.

I think the point is to some day have this:
Support for many Backend, let the user choose.
Gmyth is most probably just the begining, as it's "easy" and it's used and is linux specific. It let's users get the feeling of backend/frontend possibilities..
I hope gamesters vision will come true!

- LittleBear1981 - 2008-01-26

Instead of making XBMC-Linux work with myth tv and have a 2gb install minimum.
Why not take the part you really want, the pvr functionality and make it work with

Freevo is a python based pvr software. Couldn't we just control freevo via command? then we can use xbmc -linux to render the gui and control the pvr software. We could trim down the size of freevo if we can strip out just the pvr part.

note: freevo uses mplayer right?

- jmarshall - 2008-01-26

Freevo uses Myth for TV if I'm not mistaken.

- Clumsy - 2008-01-27

Hm, I was alsways pretty sure freevo used it's own code for the livetv part - because they never like the ressource heavy MySQL + X-Server approach MythTv used and VDR was never that great to be integrated in a client-side frontend application.

- Nick8888 - 2008-02-05

Had a go at this today and when configuring the build it said it couldnt find libgmyth and that gmyth was now disabled. I have gmyth v0.7 installed. Is it incompatible (it was only released yesterday)??

Not sure why there hasnt been more discussion on this progress made by elupus.. I am very interested in the feature.


- Nick8888 - 2008-02-05

Just tried with gmyth v0.4 and got the same thing.

- elupus - 2008-02-05

could your pastebin the configure log?

- Nick8888 - 2008-02-06

If youve got some spare time here is my log

It doesn't find libgmyth even though i have gmyth v.04 installed.

Thanks for your help. (I am pretty keen to get this going after i saw your live tv streaming fixes today)

- xgrep - 2008-02-06

You should just need to install the -dev package along with the gmyth package.

You'll see the deb here called "gmyth-dev_0.7-indt1_i386.deb" (goes with gmyth 0.7... if you're running 0.4 find the 0.4 dev package)

Download then
sudo dpkg -i gmyth-dev_0.7-indt1_i386.deb

Mine complained about missing some mysql/xml dev libraries. If it does this for you too then just run this to tell apt to download those. After it's done rerun the above command.
sudo apt-get install -f


- Nick8888 - 2008-02-06

Yes.. that worked! thanks mate. i got the v.07 of each.

- xgrep - 2008-02-06

good to hear Smile

- Nick8888 - 2008-02-07

@ elupus
I'm not asking for support just yet as i know its very early development but here is a log of the 11539 revision with gmyth v0.7 and the mythbuntu (weekly 0.20.2 fixes) which connects to the database for channels and recordings but fails to open either in dvd player.
I noticed in the latest release notes for mythtv there is a 'myth://' url fix so that could be my problem.


thanks for your work once again.

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