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- tsint - 2008-12-16

I've now managed to decrease the channel change time to ~5 seconds, and I think that is acceptable.

Now I only have one problem left before I can through out my set-up box, and that is that I drop frames when watching HDTV channels. Is it related to my CPU, AMD X2 4400? I have normally no problem to play standard 1080p mkv releases, or is the MythTv HDTV stream more CPU-intensive to decode?


- apanloco - 2008-12-16

tsint Wrote:I've now managed to decrease the channel change time to ~5 seconds

In what way did you optimize your setup?

- fArGo - 2008-12-17

SixOneS4 Wrote:@fArGo EDIT: Apparently reading is either not your strong point or you're reading something other than your native language because tsint was specific that he is running both backend and frontent on the same machine which would eliminate IP issues. I'll assume by the used of 'fixed' instead of static ip that english is not your native language and give you the benefit of the doubt.

So yuo aer ok with my replay or not? Smile I'm talking about my whish for native TV card support, nothing more. I was expessing a whish rather than an opinion. Plese see my original post.

- null - 2008-12-17

fArGo Wrote:I have never setup the as you have but is sounds slow for being streaming. Maybe lowering the cash size in xbmc will help you out...?

No bottleneck in the network? Are you using fixed IP, do that? Have you tried to tweak the your MythTV backend?

Just to be clear on streaming over a network. I'm using MythTV's frontend and backend for about a year now, recently also using xbmc and i've never experienced that xbmc over a old 100mb network was slower than using mythtv's client on the same system.

However a well known "problem" with Mythtv is that its channel switching time is a little slow. Out of the box most people have a switching time between 3 - 7 seconds depending on their hardware.

After following a few suggestions from the Mythtv wiki and their mailinglists i've got it between 2-3 seconds on a old 2600 mhz pentium pc with 512 mhz. This does not sound like a lot of time, but it is! After reading al relevant developer discussions and patching code for myself I don't thinks it will get any faster without a minor redesign of that part of the code (read: to much work for a free weekend).

Quote: I whish XBMC change their philosophy aiming to be a client rather than a full fetched HTPC application with native support for TV cards, just like Mediaportal. By the way have you tried Mediaportal? If so please let me know what your experience is.

I believe xbmc's decision is a very profesional one. You must understand that this decision makes it possible to buy a pc, and put a backend on it for the television part and a frontend (e.g. XBMC ofcourse) for doing all the cool stuff and controlling the backend to schedule a recording, watch live tv, etc. All this on one pc!

The good thing about this is that xbmc gets livetv functionality without investing huge amounts of development ours, stays platform independ and has the option to build their own backend later when they feel like it.

- ding - 2008-12-17

I am having some trouble getting thru this 62 page monster so I apologize ahead of time if this has been answered. I was getting a green screen on livetv so I found that xbmc doesn't read the RTjpeg nuv format from myth. Subsequently I set my encoder as mp4 1200 bit-rate. Now I can watch live tv but I am running into a problem I cant seem to google my way out of yet. Even though it plays fine on the mythfrontend app, live tv on xbmc is playing in slow motion. Not very slow but definitely slow enough to notice. Like 75 percent of the original speed. Does someone have a solution? Has anyone experienced the same issue? I am on a mythbuntu ibex system running front/back on the same pentium 4 2.6ghz machine.

- elupus - 2008-12-17

is this for recordings as well? if so, could you get me a short sample?

- DesG - 2008-12-18


What version of mythtv are you running?

Cheers, Des.

- BLKMGK - 2008-12-18

Maintaining XBMC as a client to Myth makes perfect sense. Just for a moment take a hard look at how many hours have been put into Myth to make it what it is. Even if you discount the front-end code and just look at the server code the amount of work is mammoth. Why would the XBMC guys want to duplicate that effort when they can instead leverage it as a client? Even forking it for their own uses seems silly. Their philosophy of using existing stuff that already works, okay maybe not the DVD player, makes perfect sense in that they do not reinvent the wheel. ffmpeg is a good example - they didn't write their own (why would they) and they take the cream of the patches (CABAC anyone?) for their own use even when the ffmpeg guys decide not to. There's no need for XBMC specific record code right now, not when Myth does the job well already. There's other work to be done, perhaps pursue that later. Just supporting all of the tuners, standards, and other crap would be a nightmare IMO and one that the Myth guys have done well at. Why wade into that when others are already doing it so well? Integrate with it, make a terrific client, help those guys out later maybe. I agree that recording would make XBMC perfect but disagree that it needs to be written by the XBMC guys unless one of them has a bug to try it. <shrug>

- dteirney - 2008-12-18

Finally got XBMC playing the new HD DVB-T digital terrestrial standard here in New Zealand.

Having some problems with the audio getting out of sync when watching Live TV. Anyone else having any problems like that? Playback of recordings seems to be working fine, just Live TV that is doing weird stuff.

I'm running AreaScout's XBMC branch with the latest version of FFmpeg and a patch for LATM AAC audio decoding.

BTW: the patch for being able to group recordings by title is very handy!

- ding - 2008-12-18


Thanks for answering so fast. What a great community! Yes it was doing it for recordings too and I am running the latest myth 0.21. But when I tried it today it seem to work fine. I dont get it? Guess it must have just needed a restart and some good night sleep.

Thank you all for you responses. Look forward to being here.

- nunrgguy1 - 2008-12-19

Here's something interesting I've noticed re the stuttering, which is happening both on XBMC for Windows and Xbox here (Xbox is worse) - on recorded shows, after transcoding to mpeg4, everything plays great (RTjpeg results in a green screen). I don't think the stuttering is a CPU issue even on Xbox - CPU only shows 2% on the screen display while playing and it's deffo not a network issue as an un-transcoded file plays fine if streamed over samba - so I think it's probably still the Myth protocol itself causing the issue?

- Phunky - 2008-12-19

XMBC only needs to be a front end - no need to integrate it.

Is there any tuts for getting XBMC to work with MythTV Server - I've been dying to ditch my MediaPortal setup for ages but Live TV Support is the one thing holding me back - if its works i will ditch NOW!

- Phunky - 2008-12-19

XMBC only needs to be a front end - no need to integrate it.

Is there any tuts for getting XBMC to work with MythTV Server - I've been dying to ditch my MediaPortal setup for ages but Live TV Support is the one thing holding me back - if its works i will ditch NOW!

- null - 2008-12-20

Phunky Wrote:if its works i will ditch NOW!

It works, but limited... its getting better by the minute.

(MythTV support is by default available in xbmc, just input the name of the mythtv backend and whola... ready to go! The backend can ofcourse be on the same computer)

- apanloco - 2008-12-20

Phunky Wrote:Is there any tuts for getting XBMC to work with MythTV Server

First get mythtv-frontend and mythtv-backend setup correctly. There are tons of information about that on the internet. Then its a piece of cake to setup XBMC to connect to your backend.

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