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Library shows wrong tv show - eagleye - 2015-06-16

Yesterday I created a library for the tv-shows I have. In the tv show folder are at the moment two tv-series. They show correctly in the library. But the library also shows a tv-series that is not in the source folder. Not even on my pc or nas.

When I delete the tvshow from the library and scan for new content the show pops up again.

What can I do to solve this problem?


RE: Library shows wrong tv show - DaVu - 2015-06-16

Could you please remove the wrong show again, then enable debug logging, reboot your system or restart kodi, let Kodi search for new contant and then get us the Debug Log?

Your logfile is under:


Then we will see, which file is added to the library. I guess it´s a naming problem...but the logfile will tell most.

RE: Library shows wrong tv show - eagleye - 2015-06-16

Maybe this is a stupid question but where can I find the log file. Kodi is installed on my new QNAP HS 251 and I see that a logfile was made this afternoon but where and how can I access it?


RE: Library shows wrong tv show - DaVu - 2015-06-17

This is the wrong section then...I suppose your NAS runs a Linux based OS. I can't tell where you can find the logfile on this NAS, as I don't know the structure, or how to access your NAS via command line. But if you follow my link and select "Logfile easy" you will get a how to install an addon for uploading logfiles and then receive an e-mail with the link to it which you can provide here.

Normally, under Ubuntu based OSs the logfile is under:


but it might differ from a NAS.

RE: Library shows wrong tv show - Steve_uk - 2015-06-17

Try the simple thing first.
Go to your library and highlight the TV show you mean and press context menu and then tv show information
And in there it will show you the path and look at which file it points to if you know what it is change the name to suit.

RE: Library shows wrong tv show - BatterPudding - 2015-06-17

The other tip is to go to the website where the scraper is looking up the show. For example http://theTVdb.com. That will allow your human brain to work out how the computer is making the bad assumption. Often it is caused by specials or extras in the folders named differently to the way thetvdb.com name things. Tweak your naming to better fit their system and the bad show identifications go away.

I also find it best to put shows in their own folders. Then sub folders underneath for series 01, series 02, etc.

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