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RE: KordKutters (plugin.video.kordkutters) - enen92 - 2015-07-31

The addon has only one playlist I'm affraid since when u guys started the show all was mixed. It needs a few changes and also the live episode and after that I'll submit to the Repo. I'll have no time this weekend but monday maybe

RE: KordKutters (plugin.video.kordkutters) - enen92 - 2015-07-31

(2015-07-31, 11:49)natethomas Wrote: That's probably my fault. I have to add each video to the appropriate playlist from the Youtube side for it to work.

edit: Or not? It seems to have already been added?
The addon basically gets all the videos from the uploads playlist add adds them to each category based on the title (if "episode" or "#" in the title it assumes it is an episode). Playlists make it much easier now (y)

RE: KordKutters (plugin.video.kordkutters) - enen92 - 2015-08-03

Version 1.0.2 - New version here

- Playlist support
- Live episode support
- Removed youtube dependency (still required for playback but kodi detects if the addon is missing)
- Artwork for missing categories
- Other improvements and fixes

If everything is okay (and thursday the addon can list the live episode) I'll send it to the official repository. Please report if you find any bugs so they can be fixed before the submission. First post updated as well with new pics and info.


PS: The addon is now much easier to adapt to other channels. If you decide to fork and make your own addon, please register another youtube api key.

RE: KordKutters (plugin.video.kordkutters) - Martijn - 2015-08-04

Nice, thx for the easy adoptable plugin Smile
Some suggestions/remarks
care to set the correct content on each level?

missing sort methods

new ways of setting art

doubtful if anything could be used with this

RE: KordKutters (plugin.video.kordkutters) - enen92 - 2015-08-04

Thanks for the suggestions. I don't know if I can get any info about the stream (last item) without making more requests but I'll have a look too.

RE: KordKutters (plugin.video.kordkutters) - Martijn - 2015-08-05

Tested "Live" and it works. Just needs some time before it's available in the plugin while website Youtube can already play it.
Would be nice to get it submitted

RE: KordKutters (plugin.video.kordkutters) - enen92 - 2015-08-06

Version 1.0.5 - The addon is now on the official repository

- new art
- speed improvements when listing videos by using addDirectoryitems (tks martijn)
- option to list the uploads playlist (addon settings)
- added sortmethods (tks martijn)
- added duration and other infolabels for video list
- added stream info
- added option to consider a video as watched

There are still a few things I want to address but they will be part of the next version. If all is okay, you can enjoy tonight's live podcast from the addon. Do note that apparently the video is only available through the youtube api some minutes after the broadcast has started.

RE: KordKutters (plugin.video.kordkutters) - Wanilton - 2015-08-06

@enen92, thanks work great.

RE: KordKutters (plugin.video.kordkutters) - enen92 - 2015-08-25

Pushed an update to the repository (1.0.6). Not many changes though:

-Setart instead of setproperty
-Some new art (fanart with better resolution and banner)
-Improved the sortmethods
-Added bulgarian and pt-br translations (thanks to the ones that sent the pr)

You should receive it soon (if not already)

RE: KordKutters (plugin.video.kordkutters) - levi.baker88 - 2015-09-05

Is it just me or are episodes 17 and 18 not displaying in the weekly chat?

RE: KordKutters (plugin.video.kordkutters) - enen92 - 2015-09-05

They are showing for me. If for some reason the videos are not included in the playlist just enable the 'all uploads' option in the addon settings and you'll find there any vĂ­deos uploaded to the channel.

RE: KordKutters (plugin.video.kordkutters) - Martijn - 2015-09-05

they were added not long ago Wink

RE: KordKutters (plugin.video.kordkutters) - bonelifer - 2016-05-14

Currently this plugin only shows up to Episode 25, but there have been more episodes since. Any chance on getting an update?

RE: KordKutters (plugin.video.kordkutters) - Wanilton - 2016-05-14

I have all episodes here, try update your plugin youtube.

RE: KordKutters (plugin.video.kordkutters) - bonelifer - 2016-05-14

Thanks. After installing the repo for the current Youtube addon, I was able to see the "All uploads" button.

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