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RE: ESPN 3 - dsb1234 - 2015-09-15

hi locomot1f,

Did you get a chance to look at the my problem posted in Post: #109 ?


RE: ESPN 3 - MetalChris - 2015-09-16

(2015-09-15, 18:12)locomot1f Wrote: i think i found a fix to list only the RTMP / HDS streams on the addon.

can some of the faithful try my github version to see if it works?

starting to see that most categories are ALL HLS, or ALL RTMP.
All of soccer is HLS format, atm.

I've tested against tennis, and baseball/softball, so far.
be sure to go to settings to turn on the option.

still haven't had much time to really focus on the Adobe Pass scripts. but it's on my todo list.

Works as expected. Nice job, as usual.

RE: ESPN 3 - locomot1f - 2015-09-16

(2015-09-15, 22:25)dsb1234 Wrote: hi locomot1f,

Did you get a chance to look at the my problem posted in Post: #109 ?


what version of linux do you run?
is it Ubuntu based?

I've had trouble with running Ubuntu 15.x
i would get the same thing. something with the urllib not able to connect properly.

kinda scares me... looking forward. so i've stuck with Ubuntu 14 LTS.

RE: ESPN 3 - dsb1234 - 2015-09-17


I am running kodi osmc. Here is what I see

[email protected]:~$ uname -a
Linux osmc 3.18.13-1-osmc #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun May 17 18:50:26 UTC 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux

[email protected]:/etc$ cat os-release
PRETTY_NAME="Open Source Media Center"
VERSION="June 2015"


RE: ESPN 3 - Arse4life - 2015-09-17

locomot1f, in the Kore remote app the color code (Kore app) shows on "Now Playing." Is it something you can fix? Thank you!

RE: ESPN 3 - locomot1f - 2015-09-18


i think it would be something on the Kore app.

i don't get this using Yatse.

* I will look into a way of making this optional.


i'm not to sure about the packages that are used in debian.
it seems to be the exact thing that I'm seeing in Ubuntu 15.04.
something in urllib is not allowing for https calls.

you can see with my code, the actual error is happening here:
16:36:15 T:1644950560 NOTICE: ESPN3: get_html: https://espn-ws.bamnetworks.com/pubajaxw...d=domestic
16:36:15 T:1644950560 NOTICE: ESPN3: get_response: Could not open URL: https://espn-ws.bamnetworks.com/pubajaxw...d=domestic
so, since it can't open the URL, nothing is getting sent back for BeautifulSoup.

would love to know if there is anybody out there running Ubuntu 15.04 and using the addon successfully!

RE: ESPN 3 - misteranonymus - 2015-09-20

Hi, i'm from Austria and use the ESPN3 Addon for a long time.
But now with the HDS streams/HLS streams Problems the Addon has no benefit.
I can't see Soccer, College Football etc. etc. Only 10% of the streams work with locomot1f fix.
And the question is how long do we have streams that works with RTMP.
Maybe ESPN change all streams and we can't see any stream with this Addon

Is there any chance or possibility to use the addon again as before?

Thx for all the work that you do for us.

RE: ESPN 3 - LoopinFool - 2015-09-28

I recently switched internet providers from Charter to one that doesn't include ESPN3 access. I do, however, still have an active DirecTV subscription with ESPN.

I was finally able to configure the addon to use my DirecTV/att swid and got it working with non-HLS streams (including all the US Open tennis videos).

That said, it looks like absolutely NONE of the videos in the past 10 days show up with the RTMP/HDS filter enabled. All of the recent videos give me the dreaded "SMIL URL Blank" error when I enable them and try to play.

Here's hoping you guys can solve HLS! Let me know if I can help, given my current configuration.

- LoopinFool

RE: ESPN 3 - Liplucky - 2015-10-03

(2015-06-24, 18:06)locomot1f Wrote: Greetings everyone,

I will be taking over maintaining the addon for Romans I XVI.

Thanks with help from @MetalChris, I believe that we have the free part of the addon back in working condition.

You can find the Repo of this addon here - http://addons.kodi.tv/author/locomot1f/
The working version should also be in the main Repo for Kodi.

The current version should be 1.2.4 (September 15, 2015)
please check the changelog file to verify this.

If you are having any problems, just like with any addon, please supply a log file for review.

Known Issues -- people who need to login to the website to view the content will have difficulty viewing a lot of these streams.
It seems that ESPN is / are updating there servers to provide HD content.
With this change, also comes a change in how they are delivering this content. Calling on any Python coders out there that are familiar with AdobePass to help with adding login functionality to this process.

I do not have the access to cable, so I will not be venturing to make this option available.
If there are any skilled programmers with access to the FULL WatchESPN app, and want to make this available, please feel free to fork my work -- https://github.com/locomot1f/plugin.video.espn_3 -- and we can certainly get that added.
Click here to see the latest Changelog.txt

RE: ESPN 3 - Liplucky - 2015-10-03

I just d/l Espn3 but get a SMIL URL BLANK ERROR when I try to play a live event. I saw that I may have to change some coding but unsure as to where to access that. Help please!

RE: ESPN 3 - Liplucky - 2015-10-03

Scratch that. It's all videos on espn3 not just live ones

RE: ESPN 3 - az99 - 2015-10-03

I have the same SMIL URL Blank on anything. My ISP is to cheap to belong to the ESPN deal but my subscription to DISH allows me to watch ESPN3 by using that as login on the website. But I get the SMIL error when using Kodi on the same computer or with Raspberry Pi.

RE: ESPN 3 - aafan4u - 2015-10-08

Did anyone every solve the ESPN 3 issue? I read 2 months of posts but no answer? Is anyone still working on it? I have the latest version installed and still not ability to stream live or past events.
Help, please.

RE: ESPN 3 - MetalChris - 2015-10-09

(2015-09-18, 16:55)locomot1f Wrote: would love to know if there is anybody out there running Ubuntu 15.04 and using the addon successfully!

This is one reason I try to stay with the LTS releases.

misteranonymus, LoopinFool, Liplucky, az99, aafan4u -

Unfortunately, it may be a while before this add-on is fully functional again. Please be patient.

RE: ESPN 3 - glenb77 - 2015-10-09

i have no experience with python. but i do have a roku with espn3 app that works. i can provide wireshark/tcpdump files of the app working. if that will help someone try to resolve issue. please pm me if i can help with that.

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