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RE: ESPN 3 - awaters1 - 2016-07-21

I made a version 2.9.13 to add the SSL certificate verification check in.

ESPN 3 - lionsnob - 2016-07-26

Are the channels hard coded or dynamic? I ask because ESPN GoalLine will start up in the fall and I'm wondering if it just show up in the list.

RE: ESPN 3 - awaters1 - 2016-07-26

It should be all dynamic, if it isn't just file a bug report at https://github.com/kodi-addons/plugin.video.espn_3/issues

ESPN 3 - lionsnob - 2016-07-26

Thanks awaters1.

RE: ESPN 3 - awaters1 - 2016-08-01

It is official! I am proud to report that this updated addon has been included into the official kodi addon repository http://addons.kodi.tv/show/plugin.video.espn_3/ . Thank you to everyone who helped us reach this milestone.

RE: ESPN 3 - mrdally204 - 2016-08-02

Congrats on the release!
Looking ahead to the V17 release, this feature set caught my attention. Does this mean that an addon can be made to smartly adapt and seamlessly adjust the bandwidth on the fly to limit buffering due to throughput ups and downs?

The work done with VideoPlayer has already gained one of the most exciting new features we can think of which is Input Stream add-ons. This enables possibility of native written add-ons can now handle part of the video playback selection and just hand over the video stream to Kodi. A perfect example of this is DASH (Dynamic Adaptive STreaming over HTTP)  which is something YouTube uses to give you the different video qualities depending on network speed. With Input Stream add-ons we can now have this capability as separate add-on instead of having this in the Kodi core. Here comes the video stream selection into play as you might want to select a different quality or language if made available. We’re happy to say that by default we ship the MPD add-on that handles the DASH audio/video stream selection standard and hands over the results to Kodi. The available YouTube add-on in Kodi repository doesn’t handle this feature as of yet however I’m sure it will be updated somewhere in the future.

It would be amazing to get this particular feature going in the ESPN addon. Not that I buffer a lot, but when it happens it makes me all sad inside Wink

RE: ESPN 3 - awaters1 - 2016-08-02

From the information I have gathered the Input Stream interface for Kodi doesn't support decryption so I don't believe it will work with ESPN, currently ESPN uses encryption.

RE: ESPN 3 - jfabernathy - 2016-08-03

Since I'd had a lot of issues with ESPN3 in the past, I haven't used it for 6 months, but Monday night I was watching ESPN Monday Night Baseball and a thunderstorm wiped out the DirecTV feed via satellite. So I tried Kodi 16.1 ESPN3 and there was a new line about authenticating. it sent me to https://es.pn/appletv and gave me a code. So I closed Kodi and used Firefox to go and get the "device" authorized. I had to use the code they gave me and I had to select my TV provider (DirecTV). It worked. Now I can use ESPN3 to watch all the content that Watch ESPN shows.

Happy Days

RE: ESPN 3 - siuside - 2016-08-10

Cross posting this from the mlb thread

Walt Disney Company Acquires Minority Stake in BAMTech
ESPN to Launch Over-the-Top Sports Service

RE: ESPN 3 - fa4ite - 2016-08-26

I'm expetiencing heavy buffering and I am not able to get a faster speed than 1.5 mb/s with the addon (no matter what stream quality I choose). My internet connection is fine i made a speed test with an addon. Also when I use watchespn website with the same machine and same internet connection all streams are fine

RE: ESPN 3 - awaters1 - 2016-08-27

@fa4ite: The watchespn website caps out at 2200kbps, only the apps for TVs (android tv, roku, apple tv, etc.) allow for higher bitrates into the 8000kbps range. A speed test isn't representative of the ability to be able to stream video at the same rate, Google gives a pretty good overview of this for youtube https://www.google.com/get/videoqualityreport/.

Also, the addon doesn't handle anything to do with the video, it just passes that information onto Kodi to handle. mrdally204 mentioned something a few posts back about InputStream that may help things in the future.

@all: 2.9.15 has been released to the custom repository, it delineates the ACC extra feeds. I'll prepare a release to the official Kodi repository once Goaline comes back on and that can be verified as working.

ESPN 3 - lionsnob - 2016-08-28

@awaters1 - Fox Sports just released their Apple TV app also with 60fps streams. Do you have any interest in developing one for Fox Sports? I can provide a trace file like I did for this addon.

RE: ESPN 3 - awaters1 - 2016-08-28

Send it on over, I'll see if there are any similarities, but no promises to get anything going.

ESPN 3 - lionsnob - 2016-08-28

Will do.

RE: ESPN 3 - siuside - 2016-08-28

At one point in time I had reversed all of the FS Go streams from all regions (about 60-70 URLs Tongue). These were in the clear and not encrypted, so the going was good while it lasted (almost an year). I wanted to collaborate with @awaters1 to create a simple addon for these but then FSGo started protecting their streams with cookies etc and he had just burst into the scene busy with this addon development, so I dropped the idea.

Akamai is the primary provider for FSGo (&Anvato) and it bears similarity to NBC app but the whole thing is about Adobe authentication which Andrew has mastered by now. I think at one point even @eracknaphobia wanted to develop a common framework with @awaters1 so that more apps like NBC and ESPN could be brought to the platform. But I can imagine both of them busy IRL.

@lionsnob, I'd appreciate a copy of the dump as well. Last time your small file opened a lot of doors and I'd be curious to see if I can bump into something new. In a streaming first the ATV supports 4 streams PIP, so things have got to be a little different.

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