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Tvheadend Website/Logo Design - adamsutton - 2015-07-08

We're looking to replace the https://tvheadend.org frontend site with a new "sexy" design fit for the modern age.

We've had several people comment that redmine makes the site look a bit tired and some have even thought, at first glance, the project was dead.

If you're an experience web designer and fancy having a go at a new site design, put together a basic mockup and post a link in #hts (or on this thread).

The site will need to be a basic frontend explaining what TVH is, pointing to key resources, including github, user docs, wiki, forum and issue tracking (for now the last three will be kept under redmine, but it's not impossible we could change this).

It might also be worth considering a new logo design, so if anyone has any ideas for that, feel free to post here or #hts.


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