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- blittan - 2007-04-26

also there is an almost daily build on xbmcscripts.com (a few das old, since my server is currently offline)

- stormwall - 2007-04-27

Is there a link to the latest ver?

- stormwall - 2007-04-27

is there a new link tot he latest ver?

A Link - stormwall - 2007-04-27

is there a link to the newest XBMC_PC rar

- jmarshall - 2007-04-27

It's in SVN if you want to build it yourself. Otherwise, T3CH includes it with his builds I believe.

- pash - 2007-04-27

lolol Wrote:Hello,

great to have this. I tested a bit around... Big Grin

But it would be great, if there where a possibility to show up the python debug console, even if a script hangs...

Maybe a option in the menubar:

->Console (shows up the python debug log in w32 style)
->Restart (restarts python engine)

This would help very much...

cheers lolol

Yo man, no need for support it's right in there! Nod

Just press i on ya keyboard and the Debug Window show's ya error. Shocked

But only when there is one... ya get back with ESC

- Nuka1195 - 2007-04-27

But it would be great, if there where a possibility to show up the python debug console, even if a script hangs...

You misunderstand, but if the script hangs you need to restart XBMC_PC anyways, so just make sure debug logging is on in advanced settings.xml and read the log.

Unless there could be a force script close option Smile

- mbay - 2007-05-12

Hello everyone,

I tried using XBMC_PC with the new xbmc from may 7th, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

19:06:14 M:235065344  NOTICE: -----------------------------------------------------------------------
19:06:14 M:235036672  NOTICE: Starting XBoxMediaCenter.  Built on May  7 2007
19:06:14 M:235036672  NOTICE: Q is mapped to: C:\XBMC
19:06:14 M:235036672  NOTICE: The executeable running is: C:\XBMC\XBMC_PC.exe
19:06:14 M:235036672  NOTICE: Log File is located: Q:\xbmc.log
19:06:14 M:235036672  NOTICE: -----------------------------------------------------------------------
19:06:14 M:234844160  NOTICE: Setup DirectX
19:06:15 M:234508288  NOTICE: load settings...
19:06:15 M:234508288  NOTICE: loading T:\guisettings.xml
19:06:15 M:234336256  NOTICE: Getting hardware information now...
19:06:15 M:234332160  NOTICE: Checking resolution 10
19:06:15 M:234332160  NOTICE: Setting autoresolution mode 6
19:06:15 M:234315776  NOTICE: Per AV pack settings are off
19:06:15 M:234340352  NOTICE: q:\userdata\sources.xml
19:06:15 M:234356736   ERROR: CSettings::Load Error loading q:\userdata\sources.xml: Line 0, Failed to open file
19:06:15 M:230035456  NOTICE: Checking the Date!
19:06:15 M:230035456  NOTICE: start dvd mediatype detection
19:06:15 M:230031360  NOTICE: initializing playlistplayer
19:06:15 M:230031360  NOTICE: DONE initializing playlistplayer
19:06:15 M:229941248  NOTICE: load default skin:[Project Mayhem III]
19:06:15 M:229187584   ERROR: CThread::staticThread : Win32 exception (code:0xc0000096) at 0x00531f92
19:06:16 M:229228544 WARNING: file doesnt have <fontset> with name 'Default', defaulting to first fontset
19:06:16 M:227971072   FATAL: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005)
                              at 0x6d9f764f
19:06:16 M:227667968   ERROR: DIRECTORY::CDirectory::Create - Error creating Z:\weather\
19:06:16 M:223412224   ERROR: DIRECTORY::CDirectory::Create - Error creating Z:\weather\64x64\
19:06:16 M:223379456   ERROR: DIRECTORY::CDirectory::Create - Error creating Z:\weather\64x64\

Any ideas?

- jmarshall - 2007-05-12

Maybe you don't have Z: mounted to a valid directory?

Otherwise, just run debug from visual studio and you'll get more info.

- pash - 2007-05-12

mbay: Make sure that you copied the exe to the root of the xbmc directory. Then start the batchfile thats mount the drives!

- Gamester17 - 2007-05-12

@jmarshall, would it be a good idea to implement SDL in XBMC_PC as in the Linux port, for consistancy?

- mbay - 2007-05-13

jmarshall: thanks, i'll have to try debug.

pash: I put the .exe and .bat file where the ".xbe" file was and even deleted the .xbe file, but to no avail. Sad i'll keep trying.

- spiff - 2007-05-13

RUN the bat file

- mace - 2007-05-13


I don't know if this will help you but this is how I got it running

1. Find T3CHConfused svn compile (google for it) and download it

2. extract the files to c:\XBMC

3. copy the files from c:\XBMC\win32 to c:\XBMC\XBMC

4. run c:\XBMC\XBMC\run_me_first.bat

5. It sometimes stops after the Xbox media center logo but if I click a few times in the picture it will load and show the menu

- Nuka1195 - 2007-06-09

This was never answered that I saw.

With recent exe builds, I'm getting winsock errors with certain scripts. These work fine on the xbox. I don't see anything in the log except for the traceback.

I've searched to see what the error means, with no luck. "Winsock Error 2"

Some of the scripts that work use the same urllib.urlopen() command, just different urls. Going back to an April 10th compiled exe it works fine. Sorry I don't have the revision.

The same script (XBMC Lyrics) will grab the lyrics online, but fail checking for updates to the script.

Is there something I should be doing for XBMC_PC?