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Kodi 15.0 issue with pass through - _Andy_ - 2015-07-31


I use Kodi 15.0 on Windows 7 32bit with AMD graphic card with HDMI output.

Kodi is conntected to my Denon X5200w with HDMI. This receiver is capable to decode all formats. I also have an Asus Xonar for music playback.

So i configured the audio output to use WASAPI Asus Xonar. I also enabled pass through and select WASAPI AMD HDMI out and select all supported formats.

Now i play an mkv with DTS-MA. I can't hear any sound. The AVR shows stereo. During playback i enter the audio menu and i can see pass through is off.
If i try to switch on pass through the switch enables for a second and automatically goes off.
I stop playback and go back to the audio setup and pass through is off.

Any hints what's wrong?
Kodi logfile

RE: Kodi 15.0 issue with pass through - _Andy_ - 2015-07-31

I tried Kodibuntu live on a USB stick and it works. So my hardware is not the issue. I get DTS-MA.

I also tried my new NUC i3 and the error is the same. I can't get passthrough to work.

Even AC3 is not working. Passthrough switches automatically off when i try to play a file which needs passthrough.

So whats wrong?

BTW: my graphics card is a AMD 6570 and i tried 3 different drivers. Very old and the latest driver.

RE: Kodi 15.0 issue with pass through - Jogee - 2015-07-31

Sorry, that's not a debug log. It won't help much. You might want to create a proper one as it can help a lot with diagnosing problems.

What I did notice is that you have some errors with your skin. It might be that the skin isn't setting the property correctly, but that is just a guess. It wouldn't hurt to try going back to the default skin (confluence) just to test.

You could also double check your settings against the audio quickstart guide in the wiki.

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